25 degree mount for VM2751 camera


This mount is printed from semi-transparent, high-impact ABS.
It is part of our Whoop Brain kits, but you can also get it separately here.

It weighs 0.6g and is intended to mount a VM2751 camera at a 25˚ angle to a (somewhat) flat surface.
The grooves at the bottom allow for a better grip into glue.
To fix the camera onto the mount, use a 2mm zip-tie.

This mount is designed to be as crash-proof as possible. That means it will not break, and it will provide enough flex to minimize damage to the attached components.

I suggest to use "Permatex Black Adhesive Silicone" to glue the mount to the FC, as shown in this video:

The silicone forms a very flexible bond, so in the event of a crash, the mount will move and then return to its position. The zip-tie provides additional flex between camera and mount.

If you need to change/remove the camera, that's easy by snipping the zip-tie.

Removing the mount from the surface is easy as well. You just need to pull steady and hard enough, while slicing the silicon with an exacto knife. Make the cut as close as possible to the FC surface, so when you glue a new mount, you can use enough fresh glue without making it heavier than needed.

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