4082 KBDD Tail Blades - Extreme Edition - Neon Lime - 112mm


Introducing the new Extreme Edition (EE) tail blades.

These tail blades can be compared with any other blade of that size on the market for performance. We believe they beat every other tail blade when you consider cost and durability.

These are a completely new design in some of KBDD's most popular colors plus some new colors as well.

We took input from test pilots especially Eric Brandenburg and John Cook on how we could improve our 92mm, 102mm and 112mm tail blades. We gave the compiled information to Sebastian Zajonz who is a Team Pilot for KBDD in Germany. Sebastian was able to design an airfoil which answered our team pilots desires.

After tweaking the design and material composition, the new design is stronger and quieter while offering greatly improved performance.

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SKU: KBDD-4082

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