Byron Fuels Rotor Rage 15% Nitro (Sydney Pick Up)


At the heart of each Rotor Rage blend is a cutting edge lubrication formula that provides greater flow-ability throughout the engine to insure superior lubrication and previously unheard of performance-all at lower operating temperatures. The higher flash points, as evidenced in the decrease in smoke and absence of deposits inside the engine, insure the lubrication survives the combustion chamber and continues to do its job.

Byron Rotor Rage Features:

- More power throughout the entire power curve

- No deposits left inside the engine

- Less smoke than other helicopter blends

- Cooler operation and greater consistency

- Bold red color for quick read of fuel tank

- 1 US Gallon (3.78 Liters)

SHIPPING CONDITIONS: This particular product is for local pickup within the Sydney area only. Once you place your order and pay for it, we will put you in contact with our local agent for pickup arrangements.

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