Dinogy Ultra 4S 14.8V 1400mAh 80C


Graphene is the very latest ‘wonder material’ for nano class batteries, bringing with it a range of attributes which lift battery performance to a new level. Dinogy make two versions, a lighter weight compact silver 'Lite' and a no compromise, albeit heavier, ultra high discharge battery. Both are fantastic batteries, just pick the one that works for your application.

The Ultra are perfect for higher KV motors and or 2207+ size motors where the motor pulls around +40amps on a static thrust test. The Lite are good for up to around 37 amps on a static thrust stand. Also, if you are running a bigger heavier freestyle frame and prefer a 1300, the Ultra would be a better choice otherwise the 1500 Lite version is also fine.

These batteries will continuously discharge at 80+ amps

Our latest ‘Graphene 2.0’ technology allows us to produce market leading Lithium batteries with higher energy density (lighter weight and higher capacity), higher under-load voltage, higher reliability and precision cell matching. As every drone racing pilot knows, light weight and higher output voltage are vital if you want to stand on the podium: The Dinogy Graphene 2.0 is your route to racing success!

Advantages over traditional LiPo batteries.

• Higher working voltage - gives your models more "punch".
• Higher capacity - provides longer flight times.
• Higher durability with reduced performance attenuation - no obvious capacity or power loss after many cycles.
• Lower temperature rise, so less heat after high current discharging. Heat is a killer of Lithium batteries.
• Longer cycle life.
• Lighter weight – so greater speed and improved handling.
• Perfectly matched cells – Graphene 2.0 technology produces extremely consistent cell voltages.


Voltage: 4S 14.8V
XT60 Connector
Max Charge Rate 5C
Pack Weight 175g
Pack Size 33x34x75mm

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Price: $43.95
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