EDGE 325mm CF Blades - Flybar Version


EDGE high performance CF rotor blades are new premium blades that have been specifically designed for today's model helicopters. EDGE rotor blades have been optimized for use with today's light weight, high powered models with increased cyclic pitch. While these blades are ideal for aggressive competition winning 3D performance, they can also be used for more nimble and intermediate flying styles.

- Airfoil designed specifically for traditional flybar helicopters.
- Integrated lead weight safety harness.

- Length: 325mm
- Width: 32mm
- Root: 4.5mm
- Bolt Hole: 3mm
- Weight: ~ 21 grams

- One pair of EDGE blades.
- 4 x .15mm shims.
- 4 x .25mm shims.
- A good time.

EDGE rotor blades are proudly designed in the USA by Revco RC!

Get an EDGE on your competition with these rotor blades.

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