EDGE 553 Reflective Logo Replacement Decal


EDGE Decals are highly reflective prismatic blade decals designed to improve visibility and orientation. They also look pretty cool when you fly in the sun ;]

Designed to fit precisely over the "EDGE" logo on your EDGE 553mm blades. Can be applied anywhere. If you decide to place them over the EDGE logo on your blades then extra special care must be taken as they are designed to be nearly an exact fit.

EDGE Decals sold as a pair.

Installation Instructions:
- Step 1: Peel off the backing paper.
- Step 2: Line the decal up with the blade and apply. Repeat for the other blade. If you choose to apply these letters over the EDGE logo on your blades, please be extra careful as they are designed to be nearly an exact fit!

We recommend cleaning the surface that the decal will be applied to with denatured alcohol prior to application for a secure fit.

List Price: $6.50
Price: $6.50

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