FMR F25 2205 2500KV - (1pcs)


FMR brings you a solid, workhorse motor at a very reasonable price!

With active cooling fins, 5mm hollow stainless steel shaft for extra strength, N52H magnets and extra dolphin power, these bad boys won't break the bank but still give great bang for buck.


N52H Magnets
99.99 Oxygen Free Copper
Stainless Steel Hollow shaft

Model: FMR F25 2205 2500KV
Stator diameter: 22mm
Stator thickness: 5mm
Configuration 12N14P
KV (rpm/volt): 2500kv
Shaft diameter: 5mm
Current: 0.9A/10V
Internal resistance: 45mΩ
Max pull: 1100g
Max power: 473W
No. of Cells: 3-4S
Recommended ESC: 20-30A
Wire Length: 120mm
Size: 32.8 * 27.7mm
Weight: 33g

Package Includes:

1 x FMR F25 2205 2500KV Brushless Motor
1 x Motor Accessory Set

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Price: $14.95
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