Full Metal Racing 1550mAh 4s 95c Lipo Battery Pack


Produced by Gens Ace, the FMR range of batteries are the highest discharge performance currently available, using the best quality materials and strict QC control.

Our team pilots all had input into the design of the battery and came up with the following tweaks.

Shortened power cable & balance lead connector to reduce weight, excess cabling and reduce the possibility of prop strike

Removal of balance lead protector though it is still included with the battery if the pilot wants to have it fitted

Centre tap power cable and balance lead connector to allow for easier fitment to your race quad in particular X style frames

Shield on top, bottom and end of battery to protect battery in crashes and from prop strike

NOTE: Please do not choose expedited shipping unless you live in greater Sydney as batteries cannot be shipped by Air.


Stable automatic stacking technology.
Protective Plating
Strict single cell capacity, voltage, resistance, discharge curve matching process.
Superior Japan and Korea Lithium Polymer raw materials.
Shortened power & balance leads to reduce incidence of prop strike and weight

Capacity (mAh): 1550
Voltage (V): 14.8
Discharge Rate (C): 95
Configuration: 4S1P
Net Weight (±20g): 189
Length (±5mm): 72
Width (±2mm): 36
Height (±2mm): 34
Connector Type: XT, 60
Wire Gauge: AWG12
Wire Length (mm): 85mm
Balance Connector Type: JST, XHR,
Balance Connector Length: 46mm

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