Gaui Day 2012

So, Kristy and myself headed over to Taiwan almost two weeks ago to attend the Gaui Day event held in Taipei on the 13th of October. Having not ever been to Taiwan before was very exciting us. Upon arriving at the airport, we were collected by a driver and taken to dinner with the other guests and Gaui crew. There we met with Anny (Mrs. Gaui), Alex and his wife, Howard, Tony, Chance, and all the international guests and pilots who were over for the event and had a delicious meal. Apparently one of the dishes we had contained frog - and it was actually pretty tasty!

We spent the Thursday getting a bit of a tour of Taipei, checked out some markets, ate stinky tofu, caught the MRT, ate some ice cream, checked out Taipei 101 and all the fancy shops in the mall there. Then we went to dinner at a place where we fish for shrimp, then tear off their arms, salt them and BBQ them whilst alive. For those with a sensitive nature to marine life, this was definitely not the place for you. They were very delicious though!

On Friday I went with all the pilots to the field and watched them practise their routines, tune their helis and so on. There was some wicked flying action going on and a little bit of carnage. The broken helicopters were brought over to the bench where Eitan's and Mitch's dad would promptly start repairing them - super quick! I took some photos and just slapped them on the RCBits facebook page. At about 2:30pm I jumped on a bus and was taken to the Gaui factory for a bit of a tour with the other distributors. The R&D blokes demo'd the new MRT Core GPS / Flight system for the quads and showed us all the new cool features to expect, my initial impression of it is that it looks quite good - I'm eagerly awaiting to see what the street price will be for it, and more importantly ... when it'll be ready! Hassled Bobby a bit while I was there about the new Gaui NX4, the Gaui Mini V-bar and the new Governor that's coming out, it all looks pretty darn impressive. As the sun set we all piled back onto the bus and headed over to a buffet restaurant for dinner. We all ate lots of yummy food. Turns out it was Mitch's birthday on the Saturday, so Gaui surprised him with a birthday cake, we sung Happy Birthday, then there was a bit of a food fight between the youngsters, good times. After dinner, Kristy and myself went with Tony and one of his 50 goddaughters Isabella to the night markets, there was so much awesome cheap stuff going there, mostly clothes, shoes trendy accessories, but also lots of crazy food like beetles, snails, indescribable meats, vegetables and foods. You'd walk through the food section and every 2 meters you'd be hit with a variety of pleasant and unpleasant smells. Truly an experience, and one that I would highly recommend for any visitor to Taipei.

Saturday, the actual Gaui day event, was a massive day. We got to the field at about 8am (this was the late bus, the others were there from about 6am) and the whole field was setup beautifully with lots of tents, banners, flags, a huge blow-up castle like entrance thingy, food stalls and all sorts of things going on. There was a traditional Lion dance which showed off some pretty excellent acrobatics, there were Gaui promo girls, Gaui dancing girls, heaps of demo flights (synchro, flights to music, freestyle etc) and a 3D competition for local pilots as well. There was a huge spectator crowd that was in absolute awe for all of the demo flights. Highlight flights for me was Asaf and Eitan's synchro flight, Mitch's freestyle flights, Bobby's NX4 flight to music, Poom's freestyle and Bobby's night flight. All the other pilots flew excellently, the Bosso's put on a good show and CD and Kan flew amazingly as well. There was so much blade scraping going on. Poom and Mitch have some obsession with ruining their tail blades almost every flight (they're sending Matt Botos broke I'm sure). The night setup was really good, two small scaffolds held up the PA system as well as some disco lights. The DJ was cranking tunes all day, but sweet jesus - we must have heard Gungnam style like 30 times. I'm also well and truly sick of that "Moves like Jagger" song as well. No biggy. The evening wrapped up at probably 9:00pm or so, we headed back to to the hotel via the office, and got back to the hotel at about 10pm and literally went straight to bed, I was a tuckered out little boy.

Sunday was wrapped up by going market shopping with Tony until about 2:30pm when we had to get back to the hotel to catch our ride back to the airport. Tony was our expert tour guide (and I mean that in a serious way), he is multi-lingual, seemed to know almost everyone we bumped into (did I mention the 50 goddaughters already?), was a mobile wifi hotspot and a true gentleman, you really couldn't ask for more. Kristy shopped for more shoes, and some gifts for friends back home. We had a nice quick lunch of Tonkatsu-something-something and then wrapped up our market shopping by watching him buy duck tongue and other sorts of animal entrails I'd never imagine eating. We finished the shopping up, caught a cab back to the hotel and grabbed our bags, said our goodbyes and headed off to the airport for the flight back home via Singapore. Totally smooth sailing all the way through, a seriously great holiday, and a magnificent funfly. I could not recommend it more to anyone, definitely slap it on your funfly "bucket list".

If you'd like to check some photos out of the Gaui Day, I suggest having a look at the album on our facebook page. For photos of the food, well, that's Kristy's department - stories on her food blog should start making it up in the next couple of weeks. You can see all that kind of thing at