Gaui Distribution

We've recently taken on another exciting opportunity here at RCBits. And this time, its Gaui. RCBits has become the exclusive Australian distributors for the Gaui brand.

We currently have kits and parts for the X5 and X7 helicopters and will be working our way to obtain their entire product offering at a nice steady pace. The parts offering for the Gaui helicopters is very extensive with a huge variety of individual spare parts, screws and accessories across the board! Needless to say I'll be quite busy doing some data entry for the next few days.

As part of this new arrangement, we'll be looking for a couple of field reps in the coming weeks. So keep your eyes out on the forums such as ArcHeli and RCRotorz as will be putting out application requests there as well as our website in the not too distant future.

Thanks to all our customers, dealers, field reps and all you nice people out there for helping RCBits become what it is today.