Gaui NX4 Mega Combo!

We've put together an awesome Gaui NX4 Mega Combo which includes everything (except a receiver) to get it in the air.

You get:

1x Gaui NX4 Basic Kit G-313001
1x OS 37 SZ-H Ring Helicopter Engine OS14000
1x 922518 - GS-518 Coreless metal gear Mini Servo G-922518
4x 922511 - GS-511 Coreless metal gear Mini Servo G-922511
1x MIK4357 - Mini VBar "Blueline" 5.0 Express MIK4357
1x 944010 - Gaui Engine Governor G-944010
1x 850001 - GAUI automatic glow starter G-850001
1x 849001 - Gaui 30 Class Muffler G-849001
1x Hyperion LiFePO4 6.6V 1450mAh Receiver Battery HYP-FG305-1450-2S
1x EDGE 423mm FBL Blemished Blades LE-423FBL-BLEM

And its priced at $1350! We aren't putting together many of these so you'd be a smart man to get in quickly.