Gaui X3 Combo with ESC / Motor. Sick lad!

Feast your eyes children on the Gaui X3 combo with 6s ESC and Motor we have on offer now. You save yourself a decent amount of coin and you don't have to worry about fussing about with different ESC and motor options, we've picked a decent combination as suggested by Gaui for you!

All you gotta add to get this bird flying is your choice of flybarless unit, receiver and your choice of servos.

We have not included a pinion with this combo because you may want a tame flying model, or perhaps you want the crazy Peter Hsaio setup that flies like a wasp on crack (see video below).

Either way, the model is rather versatile with how you wanna fly it. Just be sure to make good choices, such as this combo offer.

As usual with these kind of things, stocks are limited, beat the tears and disappointment that comes with patience and throw your paypal monies at us!