Gaui X3 kits and parts are all available!

Technically this is last week's news but we've just been caught up getting things out there that we completely forgot to do a front page story about it.

So the Gaui X3 kits all arrived and all pre-orders have been sent out. There's still a bunch of kits available for those of you tempted to try the latest 450 sized helicopter from Gaui out.

Pretty much all the parts are in stock as well and added to the website. I'll get around to putting up the product pictures for each of them soon too when I get some spare time.

If you haven't seen a flight video of this new helicopter yet, check out this one from RC Mania of Danny Wang flying it in a small court. Pro as.

I started building one of these on Friday night and found it to be very quick and straight forward. I got a little bit stuck when it came to the main gear assembly because I don't own a pair of cir-clip pliers but with some handy man skills (not mine) we got past that minor stepping stone. The plastic parts seem very strong and light, which were above my initial expectations. The swashplate is entirely serviceable (you can fully take it apart and replace the bearing and so on). I think overall this is a nice bit of kit and I don't see myself getting many of the metal upgrades as they become available in the future - although I'll see how I go when I start to get some flights on this thing.

I'll be running my machine on 3S initially, as I have harvested all the electronics from an existing 450 I already had. Should I find the 3S setup underpowered, I'll change it all over to 6S. I will be running Edge 353mm main blades from the get go, 325mm blades is so 2010.