Gaui X3 release date and pricing!

Well its getting mighty close now. The Gaui X3 is set to have its worldwide release on the 23rd of August. This is the date that all international stores will have the model available to sale.

The new Gaui X3 will come in two basic kit variations

1) Basic Kit - $229 AUD
2) Basic Kit with CNC Tail trips - $240 AUD

Gaui have suggested the following running gear for this new little monster.

Main Blades: 315mm to 360mm

3S: 3400~3800kV
6S: 1400~1700kV

3S~6S, Minimum 40Amp

We have the kits available for pre-order right now. A pre-order deposit of $50 is required to lock it in Eddie.

Let the excitement begin!