Gemfan Tri-Blade 5x4.5 Bullnose PC Black Propellers


GemFan Propellers have set the gold standard in the small class Multirotor community. Known for their durability, great balancing and superb hub centering and expendable price. There is a wide range of color options that can be mixed and matched to help with multirotor orientation. This is the perfect upgrade for any small multirotor.

These are the new Poly carbonate material props from Gemfan. This is the same material used in the other famous "Unbreakable" props out there. These will withstand plenty of carnage and will keep going and going and going!

Package includes:
2 x 5045 Bullnose CW propellers
2 x 5045 Bullnose CCW propellers

List Price: $4.20
Price: $1.00

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