Got a Blackout Mini Quad? want some sick lad RGB LEDs? Check it.

Old mate has come up with a nice 3D Printed bracket to hold 2x RGB LED bars together for connecting into Cleanflight on his Mini Quads.

Once setup, it can be configured to set the LED's to any colour you desire, as well as show indicators, arm/disarm as well as throttle response and warning lights (if you desire).

Here is a link to the complete kit all ready to go. All you need to do is install the bracket in the rear of your quad and hook up the servo connector to your flight controller. We suggest getting a female servo connector hooked up to your flight controller so you can easily remove and replace the LEDs and bracket in the future. However, its up to you, if you want to solder the wires straight to your board, go for it son.

Here's a picture of mine setup on my Blackout.

The end two LEDs are to show my arm state (armed / disarmed) and I have just a straight static colour across the rest of the strip. It makes flying with friends much more fun as its easier to spot me in a forrest or carpark and hunt me down.

We currently have the full kit available now, we will be offering the LED strips as well as the 3D printed bracket as separate items later in the week.