Gryphon 10V 10A Linear Voltage Regulator Vega (GVR-5010)


The all new shiny sexy Gryphon BECs. This is the 10 volt 10 amp model. They are Linear Regulator. They are designed based on GVR-7020's circuit. You can also use the external pin flag or slide switches with them (purchased separately).

Reg Type : Linear (LDO)
Input Voltage Range : 6V ~ 10V (2 LiPo Cells, 5~8 NiCd/MHCell)
Output voltage Range : 5.2V, 6.0V, 6.8V, 7.4V Selectable
Voltage ADJ : 4.8V~7.7V ADJ (Potentiometer)
Output currant(Peak) : 20A
Output currant(Cont) : 10A
Low voltage alarm setup : 6.7V~7.6V (Available GDB-1010 or GDB-1030)
On/Off Switch : Available (GSB-1010P, GSB-1010S, GSB-1030P, GSB-1030S)
Size : 12mm(H) x 31mm(W) x 52mm(L)
Weight : 18g (Excluding Cables)

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Price: $119.95

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