Gryphon 30V 10A Hyper BEC Polaris 12V (GSR-3030HV)


The Gryphon Polaris GSR-3030HV is a compact and lightweight 12V BEC system for Multicopter, FPV, RC Models..
It's light weight and compact size allow an installation in narrow environments, Please pay attention to the fact that the output current will depend on the input voltage on the unit, so make sure to perform preleminary tests on a secured workbench and install the Polaris BEC so that a sufficient airflow allows a proper cooling of the BEC if this is necessary

Input voltage : 14.8V~30V(4~7 LiPo Cells)
Output voltage : 12.2V
Output current : 3A(Continuous) @ 14.8V
2A(Continuous) @ 22.2V
3.5A Current Limit Cut-Off
Size : 9mm(H) x 15mm(W) x 34mm(L)
Weight : 7g (exc. Cables)

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Price: $59.95

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