Gryphon Duo 2-Channel Voltage Regulator


If you're running unregulated LiPo or LiFe power to your servos, this regulator will allow you to run regulated current to your sensitive Gyro and Tail servo. Integrated heatsink allows for superior cooling.

- Input Voltage: 6V to 10V (5-8 cell NiCd/NiMH or 2-cell LiFe/LiPo)
- Output Voltage: 5.2V or 6.0V, User Selectable
- Max Continuous Current: 3A @ 6.0V
- Max Peak Current: 10A @ 6.0V for 30sec
- Ports: Input 2CH, Output 2CH
- Size: 10mm x 23mm x 40mm (HxWxL)
- Weight: 9g

Includes main unit and 2 patchcables.

List Price: $33.00
Price: $33.00

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