IBCrazy 5.8GHz 9.5dbic 5 Turn Helical Antenna (RHCP) V3


The Helical antenna is an excellent general purpose video receiver antenna. Originally developed for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite and space communications, helical antennas are an excellent choice for close in clarity as well as missions in which extended ranges are required. This Helical has a relatively narrow main beam, but when coupled with its multiple side lobes it is possible to obtain omni directional coverage at short distance. The bandwidth is extremely wide to cover multiple bands and channels.

Gain: 9.5dbic
Bandwidth: 5200-6200MHz
Beamwidth: 90 degrees
Polarization: Right Hand Circular (RHCP)

Package includes: 1- Helical Antenna, 1- VAS Finger wrench

List Price: $35.00
Price: $35.00
SKU: VAS-HL-5800-5R-V3

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