May Megasale!

We're in need of some more space in the warehouse and with the EOFY coming up next month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to have a big sale!

There are some HUGE discounts with this one. Let's go through this step by step because even I find it somewhat overwhelming.

Firstly.. Everything is discounted at least ~10% (there's only a handful of items that aren't)
This includes: Byron Fuels, Gaui, Gryphon, SwitchGlo, ImmersionRC, FatShark and so on (everythinggggg)


- All SAB parts are discounted ~20%
- All Edge Rotor Blades ~25% off
- All Cyclone Main and Tail Blades ~15-25% off
- All Halo Blades are also ~15% off
- All Lynx Products are ~25-35% off
- All RC Logger products are 15-40% off
- All RC Screwz are down by about 20-30%
- All Scorpion products are about 30% off too!
- There's 20% off all KDE Direct
- 35% off all KBDD too!
- Team Blacksheep products is down by about 10-25%

We also have almost 1,000 different products which are all marked down to $1. Yes - ONE DOLLAR! Here's what's falls into that basket:

- All remaining Outrage parts
- All Mikado parts
- All Minature Aircraft parts
- All Beam 450 / 600 parts
- All PureTech Straps
- All Hard One Pinions
- Heaps of various random bling and upgrades
- All NextD Rave 450 parts

So there should be something for everyone in that list. Keep in mind that the sale will go until approximately the 1st of July. The sale applies to IN STOCK items only. We will NOT be taking any back orders for products, so it's first in best dressed. Also, whilst we try to maintain a pretty accurate online inventory, stock errors will pop up from time to time. So if Shannon emails you to tell you that that wicked velcro strap you ordered for $1 isn't in stock, then sorry bro :(

Ok, I think I've covered everything. Feel free to shoot me an email if I've horribly messed up something. Or don't... whatever.