New Bling from KDE Direct!

What will those guys think of next?

We've now got some new shinies from KDE just in today!

Firstly theres the Vertical Stabilizer mounts for the Trex 450, Trex 500 and Trex 700.

Then there's the new Trex 600 ESP Elevator Servo mount. The perfect bit of shiney metal to jam in your new Trex 600.

We also have the new Trex 450 Pro Anti-Rotation Brackets for Flybarless units... which has a much bigger gyro tray to fit your Mini-V, Total-G or whatever.

There's also the new Trex 450 Sport Anti-Rotation Bracket, this is sure to be popular... I'm tempted to get one for my old 450 SE V2, better be quick before temptation gets the better of me!