Now stocking Gens Ace Batteries!

We have just started stocking and selling the Gens Ace line of Li-Po batteries at RCBits.

For now, we have a small selection of 3s and 6s packs. The expectation is to grow this over the coming months to cover a decent variety of applications.

You can find all of these batteries under our Batteries / Bits section.

For those of you with a DJI Phantom looking for a good spare battery for it, you can't go past the Gens Ace 2200mAh 11.1V 3S 25C Lipo w/ EC3 Plug. It will fit into your Phantom (which has limited space for bigger batteries mind you) just perfectly and for $34 it is very good value. The Gens Ace batteries allow you to quickly re-charge them with a max charge rate of 5C (this is like a 12-15 minute charge from empty!)

If you would like us to stock a particular Gens Ace battery, please feel free to hit us up with an email to let us know.