Oh hai there, nice 2 c u!

Just a brief message to let you know the obvious that the website is live again (clearly, if you're reading this now).

There's been no major changes really, but for the curious here's what's different:

- ABN has changed as has the business name technically (its part of the evolution)
- We only accept Paypal now (cash if you're a local and you're picking up stuff)
- Direct Deposit (bank transfer) is currently not available, but will return eventually.
- Timmy is continuing the journey solo. Jeremy is off in cycling heaven or something. I have proof of life if you need it.

We've got some mad dogs working on a new website, but we're not rushing it. Something before Christmas perhaps. I kinda like being that guy running a 9 year old website, makes me feel a little bit gansta!

Oh, and last point, all the old email addresses work but we're gonna slowly be nudging everything over to fpv@rcbits.com.au. I'll still be active on my personal email though if you wanna have a whinge: timmy@rcbits.com.au

Ok, that's all for now, see you at the next event.