Power Genius 4 Pack 2-6s 2in1 Parallel Charging Board (XT30 / XT60)


No need to carry a separate charging board for your Xt30 and XT60 batteries with this 2 in 1 parallel charging board!

NOTE: You are not able to use the XT30 and XT60 ports simultaneously.


Supports XT60 or XT30 2-6S Lipo.
High-quality gold-plated connectors.Supports up to four packs of the same type, same cells 2-6S battery pack
Balanced port output line with 18AWG multi-strand silicone wire
Thicken PCB copper foil, allows for security using 35A charging current
Equipped with a 40A fuse between any two groups of batteries to prevent trace burn due to different battery voltage.


1x PG 2 in 1 parallel charging board

List Price: $19.95
Price: $19.95

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