Pre Orders and other product updates.

We've just opened up pre orders for the latest SAB Goblin goodies

The following are available for pre order in the SAB range:

- SAB Goblin Urukay (both in red or blue and 2 or 3 bladed setups)
- SAB Goblin 380 (colour choices yet to be announced, but its up for pre order)
- HPS3 3 Bladed Head Assy for 700 / 770 / Speed / Urukay
- HPS2 2 Bladed Head Assy for 630 / 700 / 770 / Speed / Urukay
- 3 Bladed Tail Assy for G630 / 700 / 770 / Urukay

In other product ranges we have

- TBS Gemini Mini Hex (this just went up for pre-order today, the ETA for this is expected at the end of October or early November. Getting very close!

- Gaui NX7 pre order will end this week sometime. Kits will be shipping out from us on the 20th of October on the scheduled release date. The price will go up slightly after the pre order ends to reflect the correct retail price in AUD. It's a little below at the moment to a nice round figure of $999.

In other news...

Byron Fuels has seen a price drop with the latest shipment.

Rotor Rage 15% is down to $45
Rotor Rage 30% is down to $52.50
Race 2500 is down to $45
Race 3000 is down to $46.50
Pro Driver 2500 is down to $45
Pro Driver 3000 is back in stock and priced at $46.50

Race 2500 Worlds Blend is now available in limited quantities, $45 a gallon.

That's all for now.