Quadracer God Mode 5 Inch Racing Frame 5mm Edition


Luke Godeassi has been a long term contributor to the QuadRacer aesthetic while also being the primary tester for all race frames. His personal style of pure racing pragmatism has led to the development of the God_Mode.


2mm sandwich design
Quickchange arms
Shorter arms (less leverage)
Stretch X or Wide X interchangeable
UFL antenna support ONLY
Micro camera ONLY
Lightweight Design
Turtle Mode pod
Camera angle indicators
Spare arm included
Black press nut pre-fitted
Compatible with M8 micro cameras only.

Utilising Quickchange arms, the god_mode allows all the great race day maintenance that Nemesis facilitates.

The pod does NOT support SMA connections and as such you will need to run a UFL antenna. However, because of the design, you won't need to remove this every time you need to do major maintenance, simply cutting a cable tie will allow you to remove the antenna.

The arms themselves do not go to the centre which is a huge weight saver. Due to their shortened length as a result of being away from the main core, they are surprisingly crash resistant despite their narrow width.

It is not recommended to run individual ESCs and ideally an Asgard or similar AIO is the best configuration.

It comes with steel bolts by default allowing for a 68g dry weight.

Pod colour choice is limited, put your preference in the order comments (red, yellow, green, purple etc)

List Price: $60.00
Price: $60.00

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