Quadracer Kaiser V2 Frame


From the designer at Quadracer

The Kaiser is personally very special to me. As the first frame that I release formally and had commercial success, it will always hold an important place. However, a lot has changed since the original Kaiser came out, including hardware, frame styles and flight styles. When the original Kaiser came out, it was considered ridiculously lightweight, small, quite a challenge to build and while intended as a racer, it found a place firmly as a hybrid frame. Large enough to run a gopro for freestyle, but underslung and light enough to make a competitive race frame. For casual racers, it embodied a happy medium between the two disciplines.

Approaching the Kaiser V2 was done with both apprehension and delicacy. I wanted to redesign the frame keeping in mind why I originally designed it, why I started QuadRacer and how I could lean into what the Kaiser had become (a hybrid frame). I very much wanted to maintain the hybrid spirit and with the added power of modern equipment, I was free to move up a little bit in weight to ensure it was firmly occupying the hybrid space.

EK Mount:
The top plate uses a modular slot in gopro mount, allowing for interchangeable mounting with only 2 screws required to change a mount.

The Kaiser V2 weighs in at 110g including hardware, GoPro ramp and 2 modular rear components.


30.5 and 20 spacing support
Press Nuts
Variable Height (20mm ,25mm +)
Modular rear components (see photos)
Spacious bild profile
Micro and full size camera support (height dependant)
Wide squish stance, designed for stable 5" but capable of running larger props
Slot in 2 screw GoPro Mount allowing for modular design (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3165348)
Arm options are 4mm and 5mm and the full spectrum of colours is available.

This frame is also the basis for the DCL frame that FPVR flew in Zurich.

175mm Left to Right
150mm Front to Back
231mm Diagonal

List Price: $76.00
Price: $76.00
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