Quadracer Nimbus


After you spend a year designing, reshaping and adapting a race frame to local and international conditions and global events, you really get a sense for what a good race frame needs to be.

The Nimbus is a distillation of these learnings. Fast, agile, strong, reliable and modular, it's everything you could want in a race frame.

Race ready, 5.5mm quick change arms with a nominal 9mm width and a 0.5mm chamfer.

2mm plates with a 0.5mm chamfer and a top plate with two modular slots (front and back) for the development of any number of modules to make it an exceptionally versatile frame.

A rear vertical plate for modern component mounting including Unify Pro32 nano and Crossfire Nano.

The Frame is a Wide X configuration but with reversible arms. Can run 5.2 on squish configuration and 5 on stretch, with the ability to run hybrid stretch/squish.

95g with GoPro attachment and vertical plate. 78g without.

This frame pairs perfectly with:

Runcam Racer 2 or Foxeer Predator Micro V3
Spedix GS40 / GS35
Hyperlite F4 / HelioRC Spring
T-Motor ProIII series motors / Old Mate Motors
Unify Pro32 Nano
Crossfire Nano


Nuts and Bolts (Including Motor Bolts to complement 5.5mm arms)
16mm and 25mm countersunk for varying stack requirements.
Fin Mount
Camera Mount
GoPro Mount
A spare arm

Please specify your colour preference in the order comments.

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Price: $67.00
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