SmackTalkRC DVD - Learning 3D Series Part 2 (Chapters 6 - 10)


SmackTalk RC Learning 3D DVD Part 2 (chapters 6-10) By Bert Kammerer
Improve Your 3D Skills

Are you already flying 3D, but need some help with complex maneuvers? Have you watched the Learning 3D Part 1 DVD? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you must watch this new DVD from SmackTalk RC! On this installment, Bert walks you through step-by-step lessons covering some complex 3D maneuvers. He not only shows you the maneuvers, but also teaches you how to teach yourself by giving you the right tools to improve your skills.

Learn These 3D Maneuvers

Rolling circles, pirouetting rainbows, advanced tic-tocs including 4 point, traveling, and pirouetting tic-tocs, loops and pirouetting loops, advanced piroflips including reversals, pirouetting funnels.

Bert Kammerer is a world renowned R/C helicopter pilot. He has worked in design, testing and development for several well known manufacturers in the hobby industry. Bert Travels around the world performing demos and helping others. He is the founder of the "Orlando Helicopter Blowout", the largest club R/C helicopter event in the United States.

Bert has participated in the XFC (Extreme Flight Championships) at the AMA Headquarters in Muncie, Indiana, and at the 3D Masters Competition in The Netherlands where he has won 1st place in the team competition with SmackTalk's co-owner Bobby Watts.

SmackTalk RC is an informative and entertaining show created by Bert Kammerer and Bobby Watts. The show focuses on helping R/C helicopter enthusiasts by providing them with valuable information, tips, tricks and techniques used by professional R/C helicopter pilots. The goal is to provide information while keeping things fun and entertaining.

RUNTIME: 107:44 min
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