SP Racing Transponder BEC. Dual-IR LED Lap- timer (I-Lap Compatible)


The SPRacingTBEC is the only Race Transponder to feature a built-in 5V regulator!
The built-in 5V 1 AMP regulator means you don't need a separate 5V regulator. Plenty of power for your FC, RX, LEDs, etc.
Range - Works at distances up to 5m, even outdoors in sunlight. Use more track-side receivers to further increase sensitivity.
Dual IR LEDs - Two LEDs allows you to position for greater intensity or for clockwise and anti-clockwise tracks.
iLAP Compatible - Works with the most popular transponder receiver system currently in-use worldwide today.
Highspeed - Uses a high-speed transmission to eliminate interference.
7-Digit code - Longer codes, compared to other systems, means you won't have issues with duplicate codes.
Flexible Form Factor - Mount using 30.5mm mount holes and stack above your FC. Or remove the tabs, heat-shrink it and use velcro to mount as appropriate.
Flexible Power Options - Power using 2S-5S Lipo OR power from existing 5V supply, you choose.
Suitable for racing clubs or pilot ownership
Flexible design allows racing club owners to fit them with standard 3 pin cable for use on race days.
Technical Specifications
Measures 36x13.5mm with 2 x 30.5mm mounting hole tabs.
Measures 26x13.5mm with tabs removed.
Weight ~3 grams.
5V regulator, 1 AMP.
Power LED.
Activity LED.
1x 2pin though-holes for pin headers for battery.
1x 2pin though-holes for pin headers for 5V in/out.
1x 4pin bottom mounted, JST-SH socket for SWD debugging.
1x 4pin bottom mounted, JST-SH socket for UART.
2x 2pin through-holes for IR LEDs (supplied).

1 x SPRacingTBEC Race Transponder Board
2 x IR LEDs
2 x 4way pin headers. Right-angled and straight, black.
Pre-programmed unique 7-digit code


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