Spedix IS100 Fly Tower 20x20 Stack (4in1 F4 OSD FC and VTX)


This is an all-in-one 20×20mm mini quadcopter stack with 4 in 1 ESC board, Omnibus F4 flight controller and 5.8GHz 25/100mW switchable 40-channel video transmitter. On the bottom of the stack is a powerful 4-in-1 speed controller supporting 2-4s and up to Dshot600 with blheli_s firmware. The ESCs can support 10 second bursts of 25A and continuous currents up to 20 amps. The FC sits at the centre of the stack using OMNIBUS F4SD and has an integrated 5.1V/1.2A BEC. It is an STM32 F405 flight control board with integrated OSD and MPU6000 gyro. There are SBUS/PPM and DSM ports for radio.
In the box:

IS100 Fly Tower (ESC, FC, VTX)
18AWG fly lead for battery input (without connector)
4 x pig tails receiver/led/buzzer/camera
25V 150mf capacitor
Nylon stand offs and spacers


ESC: BLHeli_S 20A, 2-4s
FC: Omnibus F4 with OSD
vTx: 25mW/100mW 40 channels
Dimensions: 27×27x15mm (excluding the motor pads)
Hole distance: 20mm
Weight: 12 grams

There are a few solder bridges required to select your configuration on the underside.
- One for cam voltage (VBAT or 5v)
- One for RX voltage (3.3v or 5v)
- One for SBUS / DSM selection

The included plastic stand offs are a little long, you will want to snip the threads a little shorter for a flush setup.

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Price: $89.00
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