SquanchRC 3" Baby Legs Racing Frame


The SquanchRC Baby Legs is light weight 3" racing frame. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the frame weighing in at 28 grams with hardware.

The frame is configured as a split arm design, allowing easy replacement of arms if needed.

Key features include:
- 3mm thick carbon fibre arms, 1.5mm mid plates and 2mm top plate
- Split frame design, arms can be replaced
- Strong TPU camera mounts for micro camera
- Up to 25mm stack height
- Standoff colour options (gold, purple, pink and light blue - chosen at random)

Recommended gear:
Motors: 1407 size, 4000kv
FC/ESC/VTX: AIO with 20a minimum
Camera: Runcam Micro Swift, Foxeer Micro Pro
Props: 3045

List Price: $35.00
Price: $35.00
SKU: SQRC-BabyLegs-V1

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