The long awaited Items of Awesomeness

We've been hanging out for some of these things for almost two months and now they're finally here! (And it looks like they will probably sell out soon!)

Firstly we got our supply of Ino-Labs cyclic servos (for 450 class 50 / 90 class helicopters). The 760MG's are a massively well priced 'crack-pack' option! $108.95 each!

We're still expecting a few more to arrive in the next week or so!

Secondly we received our supply of Hyperion G3 batts for the 3s 450's and 4s Super-powered Raves (3s and 4s 2200's).

Be sure to check those out before they run out!

And last (but most certainly not least).. We got a small supply of some Canomod Trex 700 Canopies that are made using a new automated (I believe) technique. These Canopies sell for less than the price of the stock Align canopy and most certainly look the goods!

At $99, you can run it as your basher canopy! hell yeah!