TinySnapper (Canon)


The TinySnapper offers a very simple way of controlling your digital camera from your RC system and it’s really affordable.

Just plug in the TinySnapper where you normally plug in a servo motor – when you flip the switch on your remote, the TinySnapper will trigger your camera via an infrared transmitter.

I doesn’t get any simpler! The TinySnapper is preprogrammed to work with a specific brand, and triggers the shutter when the servo signal is a bit above neutral.

Please remember that most cameras need to be setup to accept IR remote and you need to disable auto power-off.

Mounting is easy. The TinySnapper has a flexible neck which allows you to point the transmitter in the direction of the IR receiver on your camera. It also comes with some Dual Lock re-closeable fasteners for mounting.

The TinySnapper comes in many flavors! Currently all mayor camera brand are supported, but be sure to pick the type that suits you camera when ordering. The TinySnapper currently supports triggering of more than 100 camera types. Check out the supported cameras page.


Takes a standard servo input and converts it into an infrared remote camera trigger signal.
Accepts standard 5V servo power. (don’t push it beyond 6.5V).
Very low weight and form factor.
Flexible neck for precise positioning.
Dual Lock re-closeable fasteners included for easy mounting.
35 cm servo cable.
Ultra bright IR transmitter for reliable communication.
Lead free. RoHS compliant.
If you are looking for a more customizable solution check out the StratoSnapper

List Price: $35.00
Price: $21.00

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