Xnova 2206-2600kv Lightning Multi Rotor Racing Motors (Set of 4)


Xnova FPV Racing Motors have been some of the most durable, reliable, and powerful motors within their class through each revision of FPV motor. The latest Lightning series of Xnova Motors has been designed from the ground up over many months of testing, striving to deliver some of the best power to weight ratio within the FPV Brushless Motor market. Coming in at 27 grams (depending on wire length), and offering upwards of 1500g of thrust, the Xnova Lightning motors will defy the odds of possibility.


Precision CNC Motor Base & End Bells
Unparalleled Efficiency
Low Cogging Torque & Smooth Running
Precision Balanced
Tested at the Factory
Light Weight
Hollow Titanium Shaft
End Screw Captured Motor Shaft
Model: 2206-2600
RPM/Volt: 2600
No Load Current: 2.0A @10V
Weight: 27g
Battery: 3-4S
Resistance: 0.045 ohm

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Price: $129.00
SKU: X2206-2600-LN-4P

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