Reduced shipping times for the next three weeks!

Hey everyone, just a quick update to let you all know that over the next three weeks orders will only get packed on Sunday (sometime in the afternoon I assume) and then shipped out Monday morning.

This is because I'm bailing on the country for this time, and a top bloke is gonna cover for me while I'm away.

Normal shipping should resume on the 27th of April.

See you on the other side!

Christmas Closure

Going to be out of town for about a week over the Christmas break. This just means that any orders placed after the 23rd of December won't get shiipped out until the 3rd of January unless some kind of sheer miracle occurs. The team wishes you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and all that kind of thing, see you again in 2017 for more of the same.

Catalogue Cleanup

Finally starting to make some traction with cleaning up the catalogue.

For you helicopter blokes that may still occasionally visit, I've so far consolidated everything under "Heli Bits"

The top level of the catalogue is slowly becoming more Multirotor / Drone focused.

If you see anything silly or stupid, feel free to let me know and I'll fix that up.

Gaui has moved to ZenRC

If you've been wondering why all our Gaui products are now suddenly saying "sorry bro, sold out" its because our entire Gaui inventory has found itself a new home over at ZenRC.

Please visit their website for all your Gaui needs. If you need to contact them, you can reach the Zen team by emailing

We've had an excellent 4 year ride support the Gaui brand in Australia, but with my interests still stuck over on the dark side of RC (FPV mini quad racing), I felt Gaui deserved to be with someone who has the time and energy to focus on it. I'm still keeping my personal models, and will be happy to support ZenRC in the future when I need spares for my own fleet.

I wish Sean and the team over at ZenRC all the best with their new product line.

Prox Racing in Kambah

This will probably look best at 1080p60fps if you can handle it.

How dare he overtake me!

Gap this. #miniquad #multirotor #droneracing #fpv #fpvracing #closecall #bolt250

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We gots mad props!

Our propellers section has expanded recently with a new shipment of just under 4000 propellers from Gemfan!

We've now got the 3 bladed 5030's in all colours available.
Bullnose is now in stock in 5045 and 6040
For your little 180's we also have 4045's
A massive re-supply of the ever popular 2 bladed 5030's
And a decent supply of 5040's for you blokes wanting a little more out of your 3s setups

I've recently tested the 5045 bullnose and am delighted with the punch and performance. I've been comparing them to HQ and DAL 5045 Bullnose. They are defeinitely stronger than the HQ's in terms of not shattering in a crash, but the DAL's are a bit tougher again - that said. I've managed to have a few of these DAL props go completely unbalanced after a few hits with obstacles to the point where I had to replace them anyway (got massive shakes yo). I'm finding the Gemfan's are great balance between performance, efficiency, cost and strength and will switch over to these once I've run out of my other bullnose props.

Also, just to clarify. All our Gemfan props come in packets of 4. They are all either CCW or CW. The pictures against those products are for illustrative purposes only, aint nobody got time to take their own photos... well, I sure don't.

Got a Blackout Mini Quad? want some sick lad RGB LEDs? Check it.

Old mate has come up with a nice 3D Printed bracket to hold 2x RGB LED bars together for connecting into Cleanflight on his Mini Quads.

Once setup, it can be configured to set the LED's to any colour you desire, as well as show indicators, arm/disarm as well as throttle response and warning lights (if you desire).

Here is a link to the complete kit all ready to go. All you need to do is install the bracket in the rear of your quad and hook up the servo connector to your flight controller. We suggest getting a female servo connector hooked up to your flight controller so you can easily remove and replace the LEDs and bracket in the future. However, its up to you, if you want to solder the wires straight to your board, go for it son.

Here's a picture of mine setup on my Blackout.

The end two LEDs are to show my arm state (armed / disarmed) and I have just a straight static colour across the rest of the strip. It makes flying with friends much more fun as its easier to spot me in a forrest or carpark and hunt me down.

We currently have the full kit available now, we will be offering the LED strips as well as the 3D printed bracket as separate items later in the week.

New Gaui parts for the X5

Not sure if anyone has noticed yet, but we've got some of the new Gaui X5 upgrade parts available now.

The most notable parts are the Carbon Fiber tail booms. Available in red, yellow and green

Oh-so sexy!

There's also the NX4 / X4 II boom extension parts, they extend your boom to comfortably run 475mm blades (possibly bigger if you're a risk taker). You'll find them under their designated areas.

As usual, all our new stuff can be found under our new bits section.

Happy flying!

ImmersionRC Vortex has arrived!

We recently received a shipment from ImmersionRC containing the new Vortex Mini Race Quad. We've had a play with them already and reckon it is all that and a bag of potato chips. The OSD, setup and tunability of this thing is second to none.

We also happen to have one left in stock.

This is the latest version equipped with LED saving metal brackets, ImmersionRC branded T-motors and the Fat Shark 700TVL camera.

Get into it son!