You shoulda bought a....

I don't need to complete this sentence.

Speaking of which - PHAT shipment of Gaui stuff arrived yesterday. Got the 500X's, 330's, all their spare parts, some Formula canopies, a wad of parts for the X5 and X7 and other basic staples. Its gonna be another fiendish week of data entry, so watch this space!

Big Congratulations to Marco Rebelo and Vasko Serovski!

What can we say really?

The team here are all very proud of both of these gentlemen for making it all the way over to Venlo, Netherlands to compete in the annual 3D Masters competition. In all honesty, we were proud they went over to compete - but to come back having taken the 1st place in experts division is just totally amazing. I sat up to 2:30am watching the RCMedien live stream (which was just unreal, it was almost like we were there!) shouting away at the computer monitor like it was the greatest moment in Australian history (let's be honest here, it probably was).

The competition in this event was just top notch, there was some amazing flights being done by pilots from across the world. Notable mentions go to Kyle Dahl, Eitan Goldstin, Asaf Aloush, Luca Pescante, and Dunkian Bossion (among many others!) for their jaw dropping flights that I watched over the course of the weekend.

We wish Marco and Vas a safe return to Sydney. Take a couple weeks rest, then start preparing for next years event as a competitor in the Masters class ;)

SwitchGlo Distribution

I've probably been saying this too frequently lately - no matter!

We've been appointed the distributors for SwitchGlo's range of products, namely the SwitchGlo and PushGlo. The range has now been extended to include each Pigtail variant that's available (there's three different types didya know?).

You'll find all their products under our SwitchGlo section or under Electronics --> Glow Ignition

All the goodies are in stock already, wholesale enquiries welcome as usual.

Long weekend - totally closed here bro!

I write this with my phone from the South Coast while watching an army of elderly getting down at a Jazz festival. Its pretty amazing.

Anyhoo, this coming Monday is a public holiday for us - and we are all away for it. Will be back on Tuesday to start sending out orders again.

Thank you come again!

Gaui Distribution

We've recently taken on another exciting opportunity here at RCBits. And this time, its Gaui. RCBits has become the exclusive Australian distributors for the Gaui brand.

We currently have kits and parts for the X5 and X7 helicopters and will be working our way to obtain their entire product offering at a nice steady pace. The parts offering for the Gaui helicopters is very extensive with a huge variety of individual spare parts, screws and accessories across the board! Needless to say I'll be quite busy doing some data entry for the next few days.

As part of this new arrangement, we'll be looking for a couple of field reps in the coming weeks. So keep your eyes out on the forums such as ArcHeli and RCRotorz as will be putting out application requests there as well as our website in the not too distant future.

Thanks to all our customers, dealers, field reps and all you nice people out there for helping RCBits become what it is today.

Byron Fuels Distribution

As some of you may be aware, we have recently become the Australian Distributors for Byron Fuels. This isn't just for the Rotor Rage stuff either, we're dealing with the plane and car fuels too. We obtained a bountiful supply of all the blends below and have started to get it out there in the hands of pilots and racers.

Firstly, here's what we got on hand

Heli stuff:

Rotor Rage Masters 15%
Rotor Rage Masters 30%

Plane stuff:

Aero Gen2 4 Cycle 15%
Aero Gen2 FAI 0%
Aero Gen2 Premium 18 10%
Aero Gen2 Premium 18 15%
Aero Gen2 Premium 18 5%

Car stuff:

Pro Driver 2500 25%
Pro Driver 3000 30%

I would have to say this has probably been our biggest challenge since starting the whole thing back in 2008 - we've had to expand our capabilities in the ways of storage as well as freight. Now we're learning the process of getting more fuel sent over from the US via truck/train and then boat. Its totally fun and games!

We've got the car fuel and heli fuel on our website already, and I'm getting around to putting the plane fuel up soon too.

The big question that I'm sure is on your minds though is - "how do you get the fuel to me?"

Well, if you live on the Eastern side of Australia, we've got you covered (sorry Perth blokes, not there yet)

If you're in Victoria (particularly Melbourne), the place you wanna go and get your fuel is Hallam Hobbies. Fred's got a stack of 15% and 30% Rotor Rage there and ready to go.

If you're in Sydney, you can order online via our website, and we'll put you in contact with our local agent Doug who will arrange with you when and where to pick up the fuel. For most of the heli blokes there they typically will pick it up at the SSSFA club on a flying day.

In Brisbane, same deal applies for now, but we put you in contact with Mark (aka Mudguts) for a pickup point. The usual pick up point for this region is the LARCS field on a fly day.

If none of the above is suitable for you, we can ship the fuel straight to your door. Send us an email to enquire about the shipping conditions and rates - the whole process to freight this stuff is a completely to how we normally send parts orders, so we like to be up front and clear about how it works. My expectation is to provide free freight for retail customers who order 16x gallons at a time - providing you don't live out in the styx (it becomes ridiculously expensive then).

In case it isn't obvious, we're still a bit new to all this stuff - the first time you order fuel you'll have to nut out the process with us, subsequent purchases of fuel should be super smooth and hassle free.

Yes yes, it all seems rather complicated - if we didn't believe the product was the best, we wouldn't be giving it a go. There's a reason this fuel is used by Bobby, Bert, Nick and Kyle... and I think you should probably give some a try and find out why.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Closed for Positive Pitch

Hey Blokes, we need to make you all aware about us being closed for a bit this comimg week..

So, the deal is, Jezz and I are driving down to Melbourne for the Positive Pitch Funfly. We're most likely taking the shop with us too... So we're doing the following:

- Any order you want us to bring with us to give to you at the funfly must be submitted by TUESDAY night. This gives us time to pack it, label it and put it aside.
- Any standard order must be placed by 2pm on Wednesday to be shipped that day.
- Any order placed after 2pm on Wednesday will be sent on the following Tuesday (22nd)
- Any order placed on Thursday or Friday will be sent on Tuesday (22nd) as well.

Clear as mud? Cool.

Whilst at the funfly we will do our best to check emails for orders we receive and put stuff aside as it is purchased. However, there is a potential risk that you may buy something from the website that we already sold out of in person at the event. We'll work hard to minimise these disruptions to your shopping experience - but consider this an apology in advance if something unforseen should happen.

Live long, and lay the smack.

Timmy tries out the Gryphon 615mm FBL Blades

Loads of new products.

As usual, shipments have been flowing in steadily, and we're delighted to let you know there's a variety of new products available now.

We've got:

- A variety of new Trex and Logo bling from Lynx
- The new mCPX landing skids from KBDD (and some new tail blades I've still gotta put on the website)
- Edge 105 SE tail blades
- New Gryphon 615mm Flybarless blades (by the way, they fly great, video coming soon)

We've got some BIG announcements coming up in the next few weeks (give or take), so stay tuned to see what's cookin'.

Edge Flybar Rotorblades on Flybarless Helicopters