IMPORTANT NOTICE - Closed for Positive Pitch

Hey Blokes, we need to make you all aware about us being closed for a bit this comimg week..

So, the deal is, Jezz and I are driving down to Melbourne for the Positive Pitch Funfly. We're most likely taking the shop with us too... So we're doing the following:

- Any order you want us to bring with us to give to you at the funfly must be submitted by TUESDAY night. This gives us time to pack it, label it and put it aside.
- Any standard order must be placed by 2pm on Wednesday to be shipped that day.
- Any order placed after 2pm on Wednesday will be sent on the following Tuesday (22nd)
- Any order placed on Thursday or Friday will be sent on Tuesday (22nd) as well.

Clear as mud? Cool.

Whilst at the funfly we will do our best to check emails for orders we receive and put stuff aside as it is purchased. However, there is a potential risk that you may buy something from the website that we already sold out of in person at the event. We'll work hard to minimise these disruptions to your shopping experience - but consider this an apology in advance if something unforseen should happen.

Live long, and lay the smack.

Timmy tries out the Gryphon 615mm FBL Blades

Loads of new products.

As usual, shipments have been flowing in steadily, and we're delighted to let you know there's a variety of new products available now.

We've got:

- A variety of new Trex and Logo bling from Lynx
- The new mCPX landing skids from KBDD (and some new tail blades I've still gotta put on the website)
- Edge 105 SE tail blades
- New Gryphon 615mm Flybarless blades (by the way, they fly great, video coming soon)

We've got some BIG announcements coming up in the next few weeks (give or take), so stay tuned to see what's cookin'.

Edge Flybar Rotorblades on Flybarless Helicopters

Buddy Boxin' the arcHeliCopter at the Rebels Rampage Funfly 2012

Beam AvantGarde parts now online!

For those of you Beam enthusiasts out there, you'll be excited to know that all of the Beam AvantGarde parts are now online and available for purchase right now.

You will find them under Heli Kits / Bits --> Beam AvantGarde

The AvantGarde is a nice piece of kit, with some exquisite features throughout, such as herringbone main gear and pinion and bits like that.

Have you seen the video of Nick Maxwell belting on the thing? Check it out below

As a distributor and retailer for Beam, dealer enquiries are most welcome.

Got a LHS that should carry Beam parts so you can fix your heli faster? Have them contact us.

Great video on using "The Greaser"

Rotor Rage 15% now available!

Hey blokes - in case you are not aware. The Rotor Rage 15% mix is now available at RCBits at $9 less than the 30% mix. We've been doing some playing with it on the weekend and found that it is generally smoother, and seems a bit easier to tune. On an OS105 engine, we weren't really able to perceive a loss in power. So... winner winner chicken dinner!

Click on the bottle to get to the product.

That is all.

Lovin' the ENV. Its my work horse!

Almost never lets me down (unless I'm being a tool)

Mark and Timmy Heli Heatwave 2012 Flightline Walk.