Great video on using "The Greaser"

Rotor Rage 15% now available!

Hey blokes - in case you are not aware. The Rotor Rage 15% mix is now available at RCBits at $9 less than the 30% mix. We've been doing some playing with it on the weekend and found that it is generally smoother, and seems a bit easier to tune. On an OS105 engine, we weren't really able to perceive a loss in power. So... winner winner chicken dinner!

Click on the bottle to get to the product.

That is all.

Lovin' the ENV. Its my work horse!

Almost never lets me down (unless I'm being a tool)

Mark and Timmy Heli Heatwave 2012 Flightline Walk.

New KBDD Goodies

Those lovely people at KBDD have almost filled up the rainbow spectrum with their tail blades and MCPx main blades.

You will now find on RCBits the new MCPx tail blades, as well as the new Pink MCPx main blades.

The 84.5mm blades for Trex 550 / Logo 500 helicopters are now also available in Extreme edition. These EE tail blades are available in two additional colours, Pearl Blue and Pearl White and are much stiffer than the previous version due to being made from a strong composite material.

Check 'em out, they're totally want the cool kids want these days.

Loads of new bling from Lynx!

We've got all of the new goodies from Lynx available now, there's a fairly wide variety of new products, such as..

- LX0170 - Lynx 4-6mm Spindle Shaft Wrench
- LX0200 - Lynx TREX 450 Pro Mainshaft Bearing Blocks
- LX0195 - Lynx TREX 550 Main Shaft Bearing Blocks
- LX0179 - Lynx 5x45mm Boom Bridge
- LX0127 - Lynx Logo 600 Boom Holder
- LX0121 - Lynx Logo 600 Carbon Tail Set

And a fair bit more. Lynx are quickly expanding their product line to include more direct replacement parts for Align helicopters as well as upgrades for Mikado Logo machines and so on. There's still heaps on the horizon too so keep watch as this line grows and grows.

EDGE 753's have hit the shores!

Just in time for the release of the Mikado Xxtreme, we managed to get a small supply of the new EDGE 753mm blades.

These bad boys are weighted at about 250 grams per blade (give or take 5 grams). These will give you less lift but a more aggressive cyclic experience than the 813mm blades. Check 'em out, if you're into that sort of thing.

River Rampage Pt2 - a Mark Lilley story

Marco flying over the Tharwa River.

Not only does it take balls to do this, they must also be steel plated.

Thankfully, no helis were submerged during the making of this video.

The man, the Rave, the setup.