Dalcon's in bountiful stock and now available for dealers!

Just thought, y'know, in case you were living under a rock or something - that you should be aware that we have the Dalcon units in good supply and that they are now available throughout Australia via our dealer network

This is the ultimate LED night flying control unit that YOU NEED to rival your fellow pilots at the next funfly. Not into that stuff? no worries, you can rig up your toy truck, children or even your fruitbowl to create surreal psychedelic experiences that would normally only be achievable by those consuming lots of drugs.

Still not too sure? Check out the below video to see what I mean...

Shipments processed recently

- Edge 693 SE Blades have arrived
- Radix 710 V2, 600 FBL, 325 and 430 blades.
- Rave ENV parts
- Rave 450 parts
- Heaps of Align bits and pieces (all helicopters)
- Mikado Logo bits, couple 'o' V-bars, and some servo gears for your Futaba BLS servos.
- Thunder Power RX batteries and 250/450 packs! Get in quick son!
- MA Fury 55 and Furion 6 spare parts

Lots to sink your jaws into.

Mark Lilley / Edge 693 SE FBL Blades / Product Review

Watch and learn.

The RC Logger RC Eye 650 is here!

With much excitement, we have received our first shipment of the RC Logger RC Eye 650 Quadcopter.

Designed with AP and FPV in mind, this is sure to be the thing to jump start your airborne stalker experience.

We've got them on special till the end of December for $729.95 - so why not treat yourself to an early Xmas present? I know I already have ;)

Coming soon! EDGE 693mm SE Premium CF Blades - Flybarless Version

We should have some sets next week for you to play with. Until then, hit the notify button so you're automatically sent an email when they're in stock.

Learn some Epic 3D with your friend Bert.

Just received recently. The 3D educational DVD you have all been waiting for is now in stock under our Simulators / Toys section. Grab one for yourself and another for your BFF.

Like a Boss...

Let's bring you up to speed..

So there's been a heap of things going on lately, let me bring you up to speed with what the G-O is.

- Canberra funfly happened 2 weeks ago, it was good times, good funs. All that kind of thing

We've processed the following shipments lately

- RevCo Pinions
- MIP Thorpe Drivers
- Mikado bits and pieces
- RC Logger and accessories
- Rail Blades (606mm) and Tails (96mm)
- NextD Rave ENV parts
- All the new blades from CY including the FAI V2 blades and new MP7 pipe.
- KBDD Blades and dampers, new coloured MCPX blades.
- Hyperion Batteries for the MCPX (these just appeared out of no where, cool as)
- Align Trex parts (lots of these)
- Beam E4 Parts
- Some Fusion 50 bits and pieces
- Lynx Heli upgrades and accessories.. make sure you check these out!
- Digital Pitch Gauges
- MKS DS95i and MKS DS92 servos
- Gryphon electronics, got them new HV BECs in!
- A heap of stuff from Eagletree
- Rave ENV Metal bearing blocks arrived (more coming soon!)
- Hatori Pipes, 566, 968 and the new 120 pipe
- Tri Flow and Trueblood arrived as well

Weather has been a bit sub-par, so there hasn't been as much flying going on as I had intended, other than that - its been swell. And that's what's happened over the past month.

Tim's away, being devious.

What's the go?

So, like, I'm out of the country until late next week.

What does that mean?

The store is operating as normal, orders will still be processed and shipped as usual. What this means is that I will not be able to respond to any voicemails during this time. If you need to contact us, please EMAIL US

If you're coming up to the Canberra Funfly then I'll see you other, if not, I'll catch you on the flipside.

Dalcon's are here!

Now you can be a night flying pro like Bobby

Comes with all you need to rig up a totally pro night flyer. Like a boss.

Let's see if I can rig one up on a heli of mine before that Canberra funfly ;)