Some more recent arrivals

Just a quick point form list of other product shipments that have recently arrived:

- Gryphon Regs, Autoboosters and other bits
- KDE Direct motors, upgrades and bling
- Voltz Power Supplies and Chargers
- RCScrewz Screw and Bearing kits
- Align Trex 600 PRO parts

Its all very exciting around here.

New Radix Blades are in!

Just processed a shipment this morning containing the all new Radix V2 625 and 710mm blades. We also scored a couple of the 430mm FBL blades and the 690mm Night blades.

New parts for the ENV are now available too, such as velcro straps, helical main gears and pinions and a couple of other small bits.

Green and Yellow ENV canopies are also back in stock, get your ENV looking suave for summer by decking it out in all the latest fancypants bits.

Canopy Condoms for your protection.

We've received a shipment from u-Neak Designs containing a supply of canopy condoms for the Logo 500 and 600, Trex 500/700 as well as the Kasama Srimok and Rave ENV.

You will find them all under the canopy covers section to the left, we stock a variety of covers for other fancy model helicopters too. Best use your left mouse button and have a bit of a browse to see what's there.

Some new bits and pieces

Not much excitement to report from the field as of late. Our fleet is flying quite well, ready for an epic spring and summer full of air time and blade farts.

The recent news here is some of the new products that have landed just recently. So far, we have:

- The new in blingy silver.
- The new
Beam E4 Flybarless Head Assembly

There's a few other things that are new as well as some other products I've yet to add to the website, but I'll report on those later.

Please note: Change of bank details

For our customers who like to use the direct deposit method of payment. Please note that our bank details have changed.

The new details are provided during the checkout process as well as on your order invoice that it automatically sent to your email address.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation with this.

This front page is suffering neglect


Keeping up to date with us these days is typically best done via our Facebook page. It is unfortunate for those of you not into the social networking scene, but it really is a sign of the times these days.

Winter is slowly getting behind us, so the days at the field are becoming slightly warmer - with less of a dependency on the camp fire to keep our hands thawed.

We've had a variety of shipments come in lately, such as:

- More KBDD gear
- More Mikado parts
- More Align parts
- More chargers and batteries from Thunder Power
- More Rave 450 and ENV parts.

We've also been giving away some T-shirts and other clothing bits via our Facebook page and all sorts of other fun things.

There's a variety of sexy bits on special as always. Check that area out, check out the new bits, and keep watching the skies!

Love from all of us here.

Slow news day? Hell naw.

If you've been tuning into our Facebook page or Twitter feed you'd be up to date with everything. I'm afraid yes, I've been a bit behind the times with putting the latest news up here.

So what's new? Well a fair bit actually

- We've opened up the doors for field rep positions, here is the application form you need to complete and send to us
- We've received the super huge and new 813mm EDGE blades, just in time for the new wave of 800 size 3D fashion.
- Trex 600EFL PRO Combos have come in, and sailed out already, more due this month
- Custom Heli Parts goodies are now in stock, check the upgrade's section to pickup a nice framset upgrade for your Align 700.
- The Greaser's are back in stock, grab one now before you get singled out by your fellow pilots
- Those neat little Futaba 3ch SBUS HV receivers are also back in stock, hip hip hooray
- Various new items on special, take a gander there chief
- The prices on all EDGE and LYNX products have dropped, never a better time to grab a few things for your bird
- Shipment of Perfect Regs just received today and now available on the website. The version 2 of the Trio's are quite nifty.
- Shipment from MKS containing the ultimate on 450 servos are now up on the website also. These are the last 450 servos you will never need.

So that's a summary of what's been cracking in the past fortnight. Anything new with you that you want to share?

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EDGE Blade Giveaway Comp at Coffs Helifest 2011

Good times, good times.

Bert's Logo 600 testing the Edge 623 FBL Blades