New upgrades from KDE Direct

We just received a shipment from KDE Direct which included most of the Trex 550 and 700E upgrades. Check out the KDE Direct section of our upgrades area to see what's available or otherwise just browse our New Bits section to see what has been recently added.

My personal favourite item in this order is the KDE Mod 0.7 Main gear for 700N's and the like

This main gear is of an all new material with even greater improvements over the original. My machines are just itching to get a taste of some new bling, and I must satisfy these cravings.

Canberra Chopfest = An excellent weekend

We had a great time catching up with the various NSW posse that made it out to the Canberra Chopfest Funfly held by the Namadgi Sport Flyers Club. Compared to last years event this one was nice and quiet. Last year saw Curtis Youngblood attend causing a turnout of over 80 pilots. Even though this years event only had about a quarter of the registered pilots that attended last year it was still loads of fun. The field was nice and green, the weather was a little breezy but overall stable and warm. There was lots of flying to be had, I even got to have a fly of the arcHelicopter! Most satisfying.

I took a few piccies on the Saturday and you can check them out on our Facebook page.

More CY Rave ENV parts now in stock!

We've almost got the entire range of spares now available to keep your ENV beasties in the air.

Check our the Rave ENV parts section to see whats available.

Phoenix special bumped up another notch.... BAM!

We've gone a little bit further on our previous sim special and we are now offering the world famous Phoenix Simulator (version 2.5) for $159!

Simply add the Sim to your cart as you would anything else. This is the perfect early Christmas gift to help get your mates bitten by the heli bug.

New Screwz to Screw!

We've just received a shipment of RCScrewz and we've some new ones in there for the 550E, 700E, 600LE and Rave ENV!

Check out our New Bits section to see whats new

Or just head on over and browse all our RCScrewz products

Sexy Specials! Free Shipping on Phoenix Simulator

For the next unspecified short period of time you can grab a Phoenix Simulator (version 2.5) express shipped to anywhere in Australia for $169.

Simply add the Sim to your cart and choose the "Free Shipping" option when checking out. Valid for purchases of the simulator only.

A great opportunity to try and get a friend hooked, or maybe you want to have a LAN party with all your friends and their sims? Something like that. Either way, its cool daddio.

Total-G's are back in stock... for a brief moment

Another shipment of Total-G's has just arrived and they're disappearing like virgins on prom night!

We have only a couple left and it really is the quick and the dead. Don't miss out, get lucky!

Get Paddled! KBDD coloured love is on special!

For a limited time grab a set of KBDD paddles for your 50 or 90 sized beast for a super smooth $11. Thats almost a 40% saving off the normal price!

You'll find them in our specials section along with the other goodies we have going for a bargain price.

With the great flying weather now upon us now is a great time to grab a pair to try out. Both of my 700's are all paddled up for Spring and I've never felt more pimpin'. They also make the heli feel great on my thumbs!

New bits all over the place!

I've been a bit slack over the past couple of weeks and haven't gotten around to adding all the new parts that have arrived.

For a summary of whats new. Go to our New Bits section... otherwise, read on:

- We've got a bunch of Flybarless bits n pieces for the Trex 700, bits for the 550 and so on.
- More QuickUK goodies, servo wheels, canopy rods, some more funky coloured landing gear. All that kind of thing.
- NEW! Trueblood Dampeners for the Trex 550 and Logo 500/600!
- Some heavy duty Revco Pinions for your 700E Beasties!
- Enya 3 Glow plugs! mmm, warm.
- NEW! Edge Rotorblades Dual Blade bags, very fancy fancy!
- A heap more of the ElevatedRC Transmitter Switch Nuts!
- Various new hand tools, bits and pieces and so on.

With spring just around the corner, there's never been a better time to bling it!

Reggit up boys! Perfect Regulators on Special!

For the next few days we're running a special on our Perfect Regulators line.

Save over 20% on the godly CCPM Regulators. On special for $69.50!

The Failsafe Remote Switches are down to $32.50, a must have accessory for those of you who hate removing the canopy between flights.

6.5 Volt In-Line Reglators down to $45. The perfect application for those of you with an AR7100/R that don't like smashing your cyclics with 8.4volts from your RX lipo.

Lastly (but not leastly), the On Board Push Button glow ignitors are now going for a cool $50. For a single yuppie food stamp you can toss away your dorky glow plug ignition stick and live your nitro life in bliss. You pres butan, it giv glo. What more could you want?