Get Paddled! KBDD coloured love is on special!

For a limited time grab a set of KBDD paddles for your 50 or 90 sized beast for a super smooth $11. Thats almost a 40% saving off the normal price!

You'll find them in our specials section along with the other goodies we have going for a bargain price.

With the great flying weather now upon us now is a great time to grab a pair to try out. Both of my 700's are all paddled up for Spring and I've never felt more pimpin'. They also make the heli feel great on my thumbs!

New bits all over the place!

I've been a bit slack over the past couple of weeks and haven't gotten around to adding all the new parts that have arrived.

For a summary of whats new. Go to our New Bits section... otherwise, read on:

- We've got a bunch of Flybarless bits n pieces for the Trex 700, bits for the 550 and so on.
- More QuickUK goodies, servo wheels, canopy rods, some more funky coloured landing gear. All that kind of thing.
- NEW! Trueblood Dampeners for the Trex 550 and Logo 500/600!
- Some heavy duty Revco Pinions for your 700E Beasties!
- Enya 3 Glow plugs! mmm, warm.
- NEW! Edge Rotorblades Dual Blade bags, very fancy fancy!
- A heap more of the ElevatedRC Transmitter Switch Nuts!
- Various new hand tools, bits and pieces and so on.

With spring just around the corner, there's never been a better time to bling it!

Reggit up boys! Perfect Regulators on Special!

For the next few days we're running a special on our Perfect Regulators line.

Save over 20% on the godly CCPM Regulators. On special for $69.50!

The Failsafe Remote Switches are down to $32.50, a must have accessory for those of you who hate removing the canopy between flights.

6.5 Volt In-Line Reglators down to $45. The perfect application for those of you with an AR7100/R that don't like smashing your cyclics with 8.4volts from your RX lipo.

Lastly (but not leastly), the On Board Push Button glow ignitors are now going for a cool $50. For a single yuppie food stamp you can toss away your dorky glow plug ignition stick and live your nitro life in bliss. You pres butan, it giv glo. What more could you want?

QuickUK multi-coloured blingy bits are back!

Relief has arrived! The ever-addictive coloured bling brought to you by those excellent CNC chef's at QuickUK has arrived. The champion of a delivery guy literally showed up with this heavy box at 8pm.

Consider our addictions fed. We have satisfaction... for now.

Back in stock notification

Those super popular 3G USB Links as well as all the other popular Align parts are back in stock.

If you missed out before and you're friend is sick of you borrowing his, well... I'd suggest you grab one before you need to go into damage control.

Most excellent.

Nuts and screws to you!

This week we've slammed the RCScrewz Screw kits and bearing kits on special. All the in-stock items should have at least 10% shaved off and can be found in our Special section.

A great opportunity to kick off that long awaited rebuild. Or perhaps you just want to buy one to rattle around like a muppet and make noise? I know I sure do!

Torsion gear on Sale this week!

Over in our specials section we've added a few new things to tempt your tastebuds. With winter coming to an end the night flying season will be back in full swing. So now is a great time to save on a pair carbon fibre light sabres or try out that funky pair of flybarless blades you've been eyeing off. We've pretty much got it all available.

Stocks aren't unlimited, so its best you act now to avoid disappointment!

Loads more shinies from Lynx

More fresh bling arrivals came in with a box of goodies from Lynx Heli Innovations.

There's the new Trex 700 Spindle bolts (some call them life insurance), Fuel Tank Nipples, various tail boom clamps and tail push rod guides, more heavy duty clutches and stacks of the framescrews.

If you own a Trex 600, 700, or a Hirobo SDX, Raptor 50 or even an Outrage Velocity 50, there's something neat from Lynx for your heli.

Edge Paddles now in stock!

We received a small amount of the Edge paddles with our last Edge Rotor blades shipment.

They come in 3mm and 4mm for 50's and 90's respectively. I've been running a set of the 3mm paddles on my Vibe 50 and I find them nice and stable in the hover and flying about. The cyclic response is nice and quick and they look schmick. They come with weights but I installed mine without them. Either way I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

New KDE Shipment

I'm a little behind in the times in announcing this here but we recently received a fresh order of shiny from KDE Direct including the new brushless motors, Trex 550, 600 and 700e parts.

We're definitely looking forward to seeing a KDE/Neu motor for a 450 size heli.