Super awesome happy times for the Beam E4 V2 Advantage!

These little beasts are surely becoming popular in Australia. It is becoming common practice to almost always spot one at the local field and they are becoming a household name.

Thanks to our distributors over at Brooknet we have some panty wetting combo deals for this baby.

So what have we got? WELL WELL WELL.. there's:
- The Airframe Only for a wicked $285
- Airframe + Motor + ESC for a bit more, $399
- Airframe + Servos + Gyro, for a little bit more again, $469

And finally, for the cool kids we have:
- The Beam E4 Cool Kids Combo, for $609 ... you get EVERYTHING except for the Receiver, and a lipo battery. What a steal, what a deal! Totally 103% awesome.

FLY-BAR-LESS - Slight catalogue restructure

It became apparent to us that we're quickly building up a pretty large range of Flybarles units... to the point where it wouldn't be unfair to say we have the widest range of FBL Units across Australia!

We've got the well renowned Mikado V-Bar and Mini V-bar Units.
We've got the very popular Align 3G Units in all sizes.
We've got the Curtis Youngblood Total-G coming soon.
And we've also got the InertiaRC Axiom 720!

So, with all that in mind, it seemed like a good idea for us to make a specific Flybarless category!

The single axis gyros you all love as well as Zeal tape and other gyro related bits and pieces can still be found in the regular Gyro section.

Its all part of the evolution baby!

AHF Aeolus indahouse!

RCBits now has a few handfuls of kits and parts for the AHF Aeolus 50 now in stock. I'm still working through putting the parts up but the kits are ready for your grubby fingers to do the grabby thing... and when I get some spare time I'll start building one of these for my fleet, hells yeah!

Its all available in our new Aeolus section. Check it out kids!

Community Service Announcement - No Flying during Visit of President Obama

Flyers in the ACT and surrounding regions are prohibited from flying model aircraft on the 25th and 26th of March this year due to Air Force One landing at Canberra Airport.

Airservices Australia has issued a document AIP H15-10 which enforces these restrictions of the airspace around Canberra airport during this time. The AIP applies to two defined areas designated as R904 and R903 and applies restrictions from the surface up to defined Flight Levels. The restriction covers about an 80km radius of airspace around the airport.

You can find a copy of the issued document here.

I wonder if I would get away with flying the 250 at the oval? I wouldn't bother trying, but thought of some jet taking it out with a missile is entertaining.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It would appear this has now been cancelled with the President postponing his visit until later in the year! False alarm!

On Special: Hatori 566 and 522 Pipes

Grab yourself a fresh Hatori 522 pipe at a bargain price this week and revive that old Hyper 50 you've got sitting there.

Alternatively, get yourself a new fancypants 55, 56 or 57 sized engine and bolt on this bad boy:

Temptation is hard to resist when the prices are this good.

Be sure to have a quick squiz at our Specials section to see what else might float your boat (or should I say, spin your rotors?)

Fortune Model Products now at RCBits

Thanks to the great guys at Brooknet we are now stocking a variety of gear from Fortune Model Products. All the items are now available for purchase through the site and we hope to grow this product range over time. Its still a bit of a work in progress.

Almost all of the products can be found under our Upgrades -> Misc section. We've things like setup tools, braid kids, cyclic rings, transport clips and so on. Its the sort of nifty little things you don't realise you need until you see a fellow pilot with them first.

Until next time kids!

New G-Force Bling Now in Stock!

For all you Raptor flyers out there we've now got the G-Force Raptor 90 STD/SE Flybarless conversion kit!

We've also got some Flybarred 3D Mixing arms for the Raptor 30/50 and 60/90 in stock as well as all our other awesome G-Force goodies back in stock. Check them all out by clicking here.

NextD Rave aggressive gear sets now in stock!

Its been a bit of a wait but at last we've got our stocks of the new Rave aggressive gear sets. For those of you who love piro reversals and crack rudder this is a must have item.

Initial supplies are limited so grab yours now!

New Bling from KDE Direct!

What will those guys think of next?

We've now got some new shinies from KDE just in today!

Firstly theres the Vertical Stabilizer mounts for the Trex 450, Trex 500 and Trex 700.

Then there's the new Trex 600 ESP Elevator Servo mount. The perfect bit of shiney metal to jam in your new Trex 600.

We also have the new Trex 450 Pro Anti-Rotation Brackets for Flybarless units... which has a much bigger gyro tray to fit your Mini-V, Total-G or whatever.

There's also the new Trex 450 Sport Anti-Rotation Bracket, this is sure to be popular... I'm tempted to get one for my old 450 SE V2, better be quick before temptation gets the better of me!

Grease Me Up Scotty! RCBits now stocks "The Greaser"

Give life to your bearings and show them the respect they demand by filling them up with grease with this awesome tool:

Quite simple to use really, fill the metal cup up with grease, jam the white thing with the rubber ring in the cup and then put your bearings in there and with that phallic looking object proceed to force grease through the shields of your radial bearings. How awesome is that?

You'll find it under our tools and bits section.