Edge Rotorblades On Special!

Only until Sunday or when supplies run out, whichever comes first! All in-stock Edge blades are on special. Check our specials section to see whats available.

Yes, its one of those things where you typically need to get in quick ;)

Time to play catchup!

We've returned safely only to find ourselves work through a mountain of orders! Its been a bit of a catch up game but we're all on top of it and we're starting to go through our new goodies that have arrived.

If you checkout our RCBooya section you'll find that almost EVERYTHING is back in stock. Plus we now have Quick release mounts for the Aeolus 50, Avant Aurora, Hirobo SDX and . Sik moite!

We've also got a pile of more shiny bits from G-Force such as the new 700 E Dual Lipo trays and the 700N to E conversion kits and more of the Raptor 90 FBL conversions.

Our Trex 700E and 550E kits are due to arrive today or tomorrow. We've got 1 550 3G kit left available... If someone doesn't snap that up shortly I think I will (temptation is taking over).

We've got some more products from Lynx heli innovations that I still need to sort through and upload (watch that space), plus some other small bits and pieces from around the world.

The Coffs Harbour Helifest was a most excellent event and we will surely be back for more next year. If you're following us on Facebook or Twitter you would have seen some of the pictures and videos we took. Definitely worth a look if you weren't able to make it to the event.

I could ramble on more, but I'll let you go this time.

Out of Office Reply: Gone to Coffs!

We're heading up to the Coffs funfly on Wednesday and as a result, orders placed after 4pm on Tuesday will not be shipped till the following Tuesday (18th of May). For those of you not going to the Funfly, we apologise for the inconvenience. For those of you going to the funfly - come say hello! We don't bite, well... Timmy does sometimes.

New G-Force goodies!

We've just received a resupply of all our popular G-Force products. More of those Raptor 90 FBL conversion kits, 700N Clutch Bearing Block upgrades, Swash Pro's for 50/90 Helicopters and so on...

And most importantly, we have the new Trex 700 E conversion kits in stock too. For the price you're probably thinking 'hmmmm' - let us assure you, this ain't no poor mans conversion. This is it, the economical way to beast up your 700N to that 700E you've dreamed about. Yeah boi!

Solid Bling from KDE Direct - Trex 700N Receiver Mount

We got a couple of these bad boys in our hands today. I think I'm going to have to put one in my heli. You will find this new item in our Upgrades / KDE Direct section. Pretty much all other KDE direct items are now back in stock. Just in time for your final bit of upgrading before the big Coffs Harbour Funfly next month! Sweet as!

CLEARANCE on remaining Canomod Canopies!

We've slashed the prices on our remaining stocks of Canomod canopies to make way for some new fancy bling. Prices are "as marked" and once they're sold thats it until we order more! Time for that clicky finger to do some furious clicking!

New Shiney product range: Lynx Heli Innovations

We've just received our first lot of goodies from Lynx Heli innovations. You can find all the new bits in our upgrades section.

There's the following:

- Trex 600 Heavy Duty Clutches

- Trex 700 Heavy Duty Clutches

- Trex 700 Frame Screws

- Frame Screws for other Helis

- and the Futaba TX Balancer

More is coming soon, we sure do love our bling.

Super awesome happy times for the Beam E4 V2 Advantage!

These little beasts are surely becoming popular in Australia. It is becoming common practice to almost always spot one at the local field and they are becoming a household name.

Thanks to our distributors over at Brooknet we have some panty wetting combo deals for this baby.

So what have we got? WELL WELL WELL.. there's:
- The Airframe Only for a wicked $285
- Airframe + Motor + ESC for a bit more, $399
- Airframe + Servos + Gyro, for a little bit more again, $469

And finally, for the cool kids we have:
- The Beam E4 Cool Kids Combo, for $609 ... you get EVERYTHING except for the Receiver, and a lipo battery. What a steal, what a deal! Totally 103% awesome.

FLY-BAR-LESS - Slight catalogue restructure

It became apparent to us that we're quickly building up a pretty large range of Flybarles units... to the point where it wouldn't be unfair to say we have the widest range of FBL Units across Australia!

We've got the well renowned Mikado V-Bar and Mini V-bar Units.
We've got the very popular Align 3G Units in all sizes.
We've got the Curtis Youngblood Total-G coming soon.
And we've also got the InertiaRC Axiom 720!

So, with all that in mind, it seemed like a good idea for us to make a specific Flybarless category!

The single axis gyros you all love as well as Zeal tape and other gyro related bits and pieces can still be found in the regular Gyro section.

Its all part of the evolution baby!

AHF Aeolus indahouse!

RCBits now has a few handfuls of kits and parts for the AHF Aeolus 50 now in stock. I'm still working through putting the parts up but the kits are ready for your grubby fingers to do the grabby thing... and when I get some spare time I'll start building one of these for my fleet, hells yeah!

Its all available in our new Aeolus section. Check it out kids!