Some new Booya!

New from RCBooya we have the 4 Piece Trex 700 Quick Release Mounts as well as the Trex 500 Quick Release Mounts. The AVT Trex 500 mounts are also back in stock.

All ready for your consumption!

More EDGE Rotorblades now in stock!

We literally JUST received our supplies of Edge blades and we currently have in stock:

- 95mm tails
- 105mm tails
- 325mm Flybarless Main blades
- 325mm Flybarred Main Blades
- 603mm Flybarless Main Blades
- 603mm Flybared Main Blades
- 693mm Flybarless Main Blades

Grab them
while they're hot boys and girls!

New Search function that actually works!

You may have noticed that the "search" field above the shopping cart area has gone missing. Turns out it wasn't that good at actually searching stuff.

So, up the very top now, right next to "Home"... we have "Search"!!

Use this to perform and product searches, it seems to work much better... for great justice!

Email us if you happen break it. ;)

What's new at RCBits

Well its been a pretty busy week for us here with all the stuff thats been going on.

We received a stash of some more Gforce goodies. Some SwashPro's, Fancy head buttons, and other handy devices.

The New Version 2 of the KDE Direct Tail Performance upgrades just hit our shelves too. Be quick on these as they have been super popular!

More EDGE blades are expected in soon, 105mm tail blades, 693mm Flybarless blades and 325mm in both Flybarred and Flybarless flavours. All available in our main blades section.

We're slowly increasing our Mikado parts range. We currently have supply of the common parts across the Logo 400/500 and 600 and will be expanding these in the coming months. Feel free to grab yourself a Logo 500 Kit for some supafuns this summer.

Thats all from me for now!

Pre-Order your Beam E5 Here!

RCBits is now accepting pre-orders for the new Beam E5 Kit.

Pre-order with us now to secure your kit. Don't wait until Christmas, thats crazy thoughts!

Hyper Hyper Hyper!

Recently arrived and now available to all of you bling lovers out there - check out our New Hyperformance RC section under Upgrades.

Something to make your N9 or Vibe 50 even more shiney this summer.

Hatori Mufflers now in stock

We figured it was time to work on our Nitro heli offerings so we got in some nice Hatori pipes for a range of helis and engines.

Check out our Mufflers section to see whats arrived.

Thank you come again.

KDE Direct - Yep - prices slashed here too!

All new pricing across the entire range. Very competitive and sexy stuff going on!

There's never been a better time to bling it!

Aftermarket Head Dampeners - Prices also slashed

Incredibly so.

Best click here and check it all out.

Canopy Covers - Priced Slashed As Bro!

We've just slashed the prices on our entire range of Canopy Covers. Approximately 25% has been taken off all of these beauties.

The reason behind this was because of the AUD/USD changes over the year... hooray for everyone!

So don't hesitate any further miss out altogether. Grab a few covers, cover up your helis, keep them safe... and most importantly look just like the Pro kids at the field.