RCBits now 15% more sexy. Thanks Canomod!

To compliment our recent addition of the worlds most shiney helicopter to our shelves. We thought it would be most fitting to grab ourselves some of those Canomod canopies for them.

And of course, a picture says a thousand words.

Commence drooling, now.

Some new blades to tear up the skies with!

We're now stocking and selling the range of BBT Maniac Blades. All sizes are in stock but they're selling very fast.

In case you weren't sure - the time to try a set is now, not later.

Grab your set in the main blades section.

Align Trex 500 Spare Parts now available.

We've got a bunch of spares for the Trex 500 on hand now. Check it out bro.

We'll get the other parts in soonish!

Remove Before Flight

This week we've got in our shipment of Remove before flight tags! Check out our apparel section.

Get one for your flag pin on your heli, or stick one on your keys or use one as an ear-ring, I hear thats what all the cool kids are doing these days.

RCBits Weekly Specials: Various hand tools

This week we've got special prices on various hand tools.

Things like:

- Ball link pliers
- Ball link reamers
- Side cutters
- Needle Nose Pliers
- Hex Screwdrivers
- Pitch Gauges
- Toolkits

Get some!

Align Trex 250 Spare Parts now available.

We've got pretty much the entire range of spares for the Trex 250 in stock now. Clicky Clicky here.

And thats all I have to say about that.

RCBits Weekly Specials: Aurora Canomod Canopy - Sunshine Style

This week only grab yourself an excellent deal on a new fibreglass canopy for your Avant Aurora.

Normally $195.

This week its $165!

Stocks are limited so best hurry to avoid disappointment!

Flybarless on the Rave is so hot right now.

And we've got all the bits with us right now to make that happen (well.. you still need an electronic flybar unit >_> )

CY NextD have also brought out the front bevel gears (y'know the only ones you break in those bad autos) on their on in a seperate packet. Thats tops!

More to come in the upcoming weeks!

Kasama Srimok 90, parts and other blingy upgrades now available.

Our first shipment of Kasama goodies has recently arrived and its available for you all to feast your eyes and fingers on!

yummy yummy yummy!

The Srimok 90 and parts are available under the Heli Kits / Bits section. The Kasama upgrades can be found under the upgrades section.

RCBits Weekly Specials: KDE Direct Trex 500 Range!

Our sale item of the week for this week (and this week only) is the KDE Direct Trex 500 Range.

We've got the entire range available:

KDE TREX 500 Anti-Rotation Bracket (already sold out!)
KDE TREX 500 Battery Mount
KDE TREX 500 Bearing Block Upgrade
KDE TREX 500 Bottom Bracket
KDE TREX 500 Receiver Mount

Grab your shineys now bro!