Bulk Buy Discount on Canomod Canopies and Canopy Condoms.

Make your helis look their best this summer. For a limited time we have a Bulk Buy section open for an order of Canomod Canopies and Canopy condoms.

All prices include postage to anywhere in Australia so nows as good a time as any to grab a deal on a new shiney face for your heli and some soft protection for it.

Cut off Date is 20th of September to place an order.

It will take a few weeks to get it all processed and made and shipped over and then we'll ship them straight out to you!

Free Shipping for All Ino-Lab Servo Orders over $50!

We've now got a coupon system available at RCBits and for the month of September you get free shipping to anywhere in Australia when you buy $50 or more worth of Ino-Labs Servos!

When checking out simply choose the FREE Shipping option (Ino-Lab Promotion Only)

Bargain price, great performance, and its all delivered to your door for nothing more!

Beam E4 Pro Super Combo - Its almost BnF!

For the entire month of September we're selling a Beam Pro Kit Super Combo - everything you need to fly except the TX, RX and Gyro!

You get:
- 3x Ino-Lab HG-D202HB-AL cyclic servos
- 1x Ino-Lab HG-D201HB-AL gyro servo
- 1x Scorpion 2221-8 Motor
- 1x Scorpion 15V 60A ESC
- 1x 3S 11.1v 2200 mAH Polyquest Battery

Only for September, grab it... quick bro!

Spartan Specials - DS760 for $250 Express Posted anywhere in AU!

Get a super awesome Spartan sent to you super quickly with our super specials.

For a limited time and while stocks last, grab a DS760 for $250 including postage anywhere in Australia.

Stop torturing your Trex 250 or Gaui with that little piezo thing, show it some love.

A whole lotta new shiney love to give.

Just caught up on all the stuff that arrived over the past few days and have made a few updates here and there.

So, what have we got here?

- Radix 690 Stick Banger Blades arrived today, just like 690's but slightly more poppy and faster on the cyclic. Perfect for your Trex 700.
- The new SwichGlo Pro units and the accompanying Push Button devices are also now in. Remaining old units are reduced to clear.
- A handful of those new really sexy looking Canomod Canopies have arrived too. All prices on Canomod canopy prices have been reduced somewhat to reflect the change in exchange rates.
- We've also got all the new KDE Direct gear too. KDE now make an Anti-Rotation Bracket for the Trex 600 as well as Tail Performance Upgrades for the Align Trex 450, 500, 600E & N and 700. Theres also a Spektrum TX balancer and Elevator servo mount upgrade for the Trex 700. So many new shinies!

And remember, you can always find out newest items under our New Bits section.

Out of Office AutoReply: WRCS Belrose Funfly!

We'll be attending the WRCS Heli day in Belrose this Sunday the 16th and doing the usual heli related things there.

Unforunately, orders received between now and Monday the 17th won't be sent out until Tuesday. Sorry for the incovienience there.

Fly safe, have fun and catch you again next week!

RCBits Weekly Specials: Free Canomod Canopy with your Srimok!

A very super limited special in every kind of special way.

Grab the super sexy Canomod Canopy for the Srimok 90 for FREE with your purchase of the Srimok 90 kit.

No need to do anything special to get it - we'll just automatically include the canopy with your purchase when we ship it out.

Only for this week, and only while stocks last.

...and if you didn't already notice, the pictures are just a bit further down the page ;)

RCBits now 15% more sexy. Thanks Canomod!

To compliment our recent addition of the worlds most shiney helicopter to our shelves. We thought it would be most fitting to grab ourselves some of those Canomod canopies for them.

And of course, a picture says a thousand words.

Commence drooling, now.

Some new blades to tear up the skies with!

We're now stocking and selling the range of BBT Maniac Blades. All sizes are in stock but they're selling very fast.

In case you weren't sure - the time to try a set is now, not later.

Grab your set in the main blades section.

Align Trex 500 Spare Parts now available.

We've got a bunch of spares for the Trex 500 on hand now. Check it out bro.

We'll get the other parts in soonish!