We are learned.

We are now stocking books full of pretty pictures, to help keep you sane on rainy days! Put them under your mattress with your other picture books ;)

The setup tool we all needed yesterday - 450 Pro and Rave swashplate leveller.

Trueblood have recently brought out a new swashplate leveller for the CY Rave and Trex 450 Pro helicopter. The end points are more elongated than the other 450 size swashplate leveller.

Seeing as I have both the 450 Pro and the Rave, I had to have one...

Tis a very shiney tool.

I'm a fan of swashplate levellers because they give me even collective travel without having to fuss about with other more tedious means of measuring stuff. I want my heli to climb out straight, and to me this is the most effective means of achieving that.

Sweet as.

RCBits Weekly Specials: Spartan DS760 Gyro

We're spicing things up a bit by having a sale on Spartan Gyros.

Normally they're $290...

This week you can grab one for $260! Thats over 10% off! bargain!

Our Spartans are fresh straight from the source, they all have version 2 firmware on them already. Just slap them on your heli, do a basic setup and go fly. Wicked.

You'll find them under our gyros section.. or just click here.


The simplest Glo Plug ignition device available. Stick the sucker in and press da button!

RCBits is pleased to announce that our order of Push Button On Board Glow Ignitors has reached us today and they're ready to be sent to you. Grab one now, throw your old glow ignition stick on the ground, stomp on it and bin it. This is the way da boys roll.

Check out the product page for the technical specs.

We've joined the masses

We decided to join the masses and create a Facebook page for RCBits! Check it out, become a fan, spam us with stuff.


SpartanRC Gear back in stock!

The magical goodies from those wonderful people over at SpartanRC has just arrived this afternoon. We've got the DS760 gyros back on hand as well as the USB Link and Blue Link devices as well as some AP2000i Flight Stabilisers.

You can find all our new stuff under the New Bits section.

Its time for the Beam Super Special!

Right now for a limited time (sounding a bit like a TV ad there) we have the Beam E4 Pro Kit going out the door for the ridiculous price of $399!

Better hurry because its only available till the end of the month or whilst stocks last!

The long awaited Items of Awesomeness

We've been hanging out for some of these things for almost two months and now they're finally here! (And it looks like they will probably sell out soon!)

Firstly we got our supply of Ino-Labs cyclic servos (for 450 class 50 / 90 class helicopters). The 760MG's are a massively well priced 'crack-pack' option! $108.95 each!

We're still expecting a few more to arrive in the next week or so!

Secondly we received our supply of Hyperion G3 batts for the 3s 450's and 4s Super-powered Raves (3s and 4s 2200's).

Be sure to check those out before they run out!

And last (but most certainly not least).. We got a small supply of some Canomod Trex 700 Canopies that are made using a new automated (I believe) technique. These Canopies sell for less than the price of the stock Align canopy and most certainly look the goods!

At $99, you can run it as your basher canopy! hell yeah!

Our bling-factor just became slightly more... Elevated

We just received our order from ElevatedRC with some neat new goodies that will surely turn heads.

We've got coloured switch nuts for your DX7 or DSX9 Transmitter as well as nifty Canopy mount kits for your Trex 700 and 600 helis.

You'll find our ElevatedRC products under the Upgrades section

Mmmm, shiney.

And we're back! ... well, mostly.

For reasons I'll avoid explaining - everything had to be quickly recreated over the past week.

Things are getting there pretty quickly. Almost all items are back up with price and stock levels and names. Pictures and descriptions are slowly following afterwards and will get there over the next week or two.

New items have arrived in the past week and will be going up as soon as we get a chance in between all of the above. There will be much happening over the coming weeks.

Some small bad news for all of you is that you'll need to re-create your accounts. Aww :/ Sorry!