Our bling-factor just became slightly more... Elevated

We just received our order from ElevatedRC with some neat new goodies that will surely turn heads.

We've got coloured switch nuts for your DX7 or DSX9 Transmitter as well as nifty Canopy mount kits for your Trex 700 and 600 helis.

You'll find our ElevatedRC products under the Upgrades section

Mmmm, shiney.

And we're back! ... well, mostly.

For reasons I'll avoid explaining - everything had to be quickly recreated over the past week.

Things are getting there pretty quickly. Almost all items are back up with price and stock levels and names. Pictures and descriptions are slowly following afterwards and will get there over the next week or two.

New items have arrived in the past week and will be going up as soon as we get a chance in between all of the above. There will be much happening over the coming weeks.

Some small bad news for all of you is that you'll need to re-create your accounts. Aww :/ Sorry!

And now all the fun begins..

Lets see how long this takes us..