And the winner of the Invertix 400 / Gaui NX4 Facebook give away is...

You'll just have to watch the video to find out ;)

QuickUK upgrades are on CLEARANCE!

We're doing a clear out of our stockpile of QuickUK upgrades. Everything like links, servo wheels and stuff like that has been MASSIVELY REDUCED. Click the picture below to be taken to where all these goodies are.

Once they're sold out, that's it! So don't leave it too late and be sad in pants.

The all new ImmersionRC 2.4GHz video transmitters have arrived!

Good news everybody! We've just finished processing our latest shipment from Immersion RC. Inside was a bunch of UHF stuff, 5.8GHz stuff and accessories.... but most importantly. We've now got these bad boys:

We're all too excited and can't wait to try one out this weekend.

If you want to see what ImmersionRC stuff we have in stock, you'll find it all under our FPV / Aerial Video section. In any case, here's a shortcut link for you.

Team Blacksheep Product Lineup on FliteTest

Worth the watch, you get to see a better look of the new Gemini Mini Hex in this one.

Helix blades have arrived!

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking the Helix Blades by Nick Maxwell here at RCBits. We have stock of the 695mm and 715mm blades

If you've been living under a rock the last year and have never heard of them, simply read this blurb and watch the video below and you'll be up to speed on the latest generation of 3D helicopter blades.

From Nick Maxwell

"Here you can see what the tip actually does shape wise, and also you can see even the airfoil is highly unconventional with a lot of reflex. In the tip you notice the ENTIRE blade sweeps forward as a constant cord, then sweeps back- not to a lagging position but in line with the orginal pivot position at the root. The blade is specifically set-up to benifit from these unique features, take advantage of what these changes do, yet still perform with a natural feel that we are used to in a typical heli blade."

Win an Invertix 400 OR a Gaui NX4 (with Edge 473mm FBL Blades)

We know you love competitions, so we've come up with a nice giveaway competition for all of you to get in on.

For one lucky facebook fan, we are giving away your choice of either an Invertix 400 3D Mult-Rotor OR a Gaui NX4 with Edge 473mm FBL blades!

You need to complete 3 simple tasks to be in the draw for this competition:
1) "Like" the RCBits facebook page
2) Tick "Get Notifications" under the "Like" button at the top of this page
3) Share this status (make sure it's shared to the Public audience)

And that's it!

We will draw a winner on the first weekend of September (6th or 7th). During the competition month we will be announcing a variety of specials and sales. We've got a bunch of stuff we simply want to clear out of the warehouse to help us clean the place up a bit. Staying in touch with what's happening will also put you in a prime position to grab yourself a bargain over the coming weeks.

This competition is open to all Australian AND International customers. If the winner does NOT live in Australia, then you'll simply need to pay for shipping the prize over to you. Shipping costs are free if the winner resides within Australia.

That's all there is to it (at least we think so), get liking and sharing boys and girls! Remember to share to PUBLIC so we can see it and remember to include you in the draw!

The Twist-Lock Pigtail. It's the greatest.

We've just received a stack of the Twist-Lock style tools and pigtails. This is undoubtedly the best way to mount your pigtail clip from your onboard glow device onto your glowplug. If the little alligator clip bothers you, give the twist lock a try.

Suitable for any on-board glow device (especially if they use a little JST plug as a connector)

Check out our video of Jeremy showing how to install the pigtail, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3... strike that, it's even easier than that.

Marco during the day. Feat E700 @ Coffs Harbour Helifest 2014

FPV - Penang Adventures

Took my TBS Discovery Pro with me to Penang as part of a short holiday I had with Kristy and a few friends. Managed to get a few flights along the beach near where we were staying and magically I didn't lose the whole ship in the ocean! Awesome, with that completed, I felt energized to mash up a bit of the footage I took whilst over there and put together this little video.

FPV - Penang Adventures from RCMedia on Vimeo.

Old mate Mohammed says hi!

Winter Sale Season!

With the cold weather approaching, this is the perfect time to indulge yourself in a new helicopter kit to slowly build over winter. I've just done a clean-up of the specials section on our website and put in some new products in there to wet your appetite.

I'll be adding more over the coming weeks as I get time to go through what's sitting around the warehouse, feel free to contact me directly if you'd like to suggest having something in particular in there - you never know!