FPV at the Williamsdale RC Helicopter Field

And another one. This time I do a bit of formation flying with Joe and I watch on as he herds a bunch of sheep in the adjacent paddock. Poor sheep.

FPV - NSFC Williamsdale Field from RCMedia on Vimeo.

FPV action on Urambi Hills

This is another good spot we've been doing a bit of FPV flying at lately. Here's another video I slapped together.

FPV action over Kambah Pool

We've been dabbling in a bit of the ol' FPV lately and I managed to get down to Kambah Pool near where I live to film Jeremy and his mate canoeing down the river. I edited a bit of a video to show the better shots from the adventure. Check it out.

This was all filmed using a GoPro Hero3 from a TBS Discovery Pro airframe

FPV - Kambah Pool from RCMedia on Vimeo.

Gaui X3 Combo with ESC / Motor. Sick lad!

Feast your eyes children on the Gaui X3 combo with 6s ESC and Motor we have on offer now. You save yourself a decent amount of coin and you don't have to worry about fussing about with different ESC and motor options, we've picked a decent combination as suggested by Gaui for you!

All you gotta add to get this bird flying is your choice of flybarless unit, receiver and your choice of servos.

We have not included a pinion with this combo because you may want a tame flying model, or perhaps you want the crazy Peter Hsaio setup that flies like a wasp on crack (see video below).

Either way, the model is rather versatile with how you wanna fly it. Just be sure to make good choices, such as this combo offer.

As usual with these kind of things, stocks are limited, beat the tears and disappointment that comes with patience and throw your paypal monies at us!

We're off to China for 3DX Asia Pacific!

Well, I am at least.

Kristy and I are off to Hong Kong and China today to attend the 3DX Asia Pacific competition next weekend.

There'll be a live stream of the event (details to eventuate) and I'm apparently going to be one of the MC's flapping my mouth throughout the weekend.

Make sure you tune in and watch some of the crazy sauce 3D flying from the competitors. I should be able to give some shout outs throughout the event so if you're on the book face you can send me "Timmy RCBits" a message/request/whatever if you want us to say high to your fellow club members, friends and sworn enemies.

I should be putting some photos up on the RCBits facebook page as I go so feel free to keep in touch with the places we visit and people we bump into.

See you all in two week!

Oh, and before I forget. RCBits will be operating as normal while I'm away (Jeremy and Shannon will be at the helm)

Goblin competition series kit pre-orders open again!

The first batch of competition series Goblin helicopter kits came and went like lightning. So we've opened up the flood gates for the next round of pre-orders

Here's the links to each kit:

700 Green Kit pre-order
700 Orange Kit pre-order
630 Green Kit pre-order
630 Orange Kit pre-order

Be sure not to miss out on one of the hottest new 3D helicopters for this summer.

BK Servos by Bert Kammerer are here!

We've just added two new products to our catalogue today.

We have the Bert Kammerer BK DS-5001HV HV Digital Mini Cyclic Servo

And the Bert Kammerer BK DS-7005HV HV Digital Tail Servo

These are the perfect servos to pop into your Goblin 500 helicopter or other 500-sized machine. With a full size motor jammed into a mini size servo, they have the sort of specs we could only dream about a year or so ago.

If you're not quite sure what all the fuss is about. Best check out this video...

J1S Designs Cyclone Blades are now available!

Just in today, the famous Cyclone blades by J1S designs are now in stock here at RCBits!

We're very excited to be carrying this new line of rotor blades here at our store. The demand on these has been incredibly high so we expect them to be flying out the door.

If you've been chasing a blade that gives you great tracking in high speed maneuvers and also gives you quick snappy response then you really should be trying a set out.

J1S Designs is the company name for products designed and created by Tim Jones. Tim Jones has developed a unique, optimized airfoil design that elevates R/C helicopter blade technology to the next level. J1S Designs Cyclone blades feature an aerodynamically optimized "tapered airfoil" that allows the CG point to be configured in a way that provides fast flight stability, without sacrificing response, or "crispness" around center. The tip shape is unique and allows large cyclic inputs even at the highest forward flight speeds, eliminating the "flutter" or sluggishness that is common with heavy flybarless blades that can stress servos and reduce cyclic rates. This also allows the power system to work more efficiently and lets the blades track with one another much better, even under the most extreme combinations of collective and cyclic pitch.
J1S Designs Cyclone blades won’t make you fly like the Beast, but will deliver the confidence, stability, response and efficiency that will make you feel like one.

The official Gaui X3 promo video from Gaui.

Gaui X3 kits and parts are all available!

Technically this is last week's news but we've just been caught up getting things out there that we completely forgot to do a front page story about it.

So the Gaui X3 kits all arrived and all pre-orders have been sent out. There's still a bunch of kits available for those of you tempted to try the latest 450 sized helicopter from Gaui out.

Pretty much all the parts are in stock as well and added to the website. I'll get around to putting up the product pictures for each of them soon too when I get some spare time.

If you haven't seen a flight video of this new helicopter yet, check out this one from RC Mania of Danny Wang flying it in a small court. Pro as.

I started building one of these on Friday night and found it to be very quick and straight forward. I got a little bit stuck when it came to the main gear assembly because I don't own a pair of cir-clip pliers but with some handy man skills (not mine) we got past that minor stepping stone. The plastic parts seem very strong and light, which were above my initial expectations. The swashplate is entirely serviceable (you can fully take it apart and replace the bearing and so on). I think overall this is a nice bit of kit and I don't see myself getting many of the metal upgrades as they become available in the future - although I'll see how I go when I start to get some flights on this thing.

I'll be running my machine on 3S initially, as I have harvested all the electronics from an existing 450 I already had. Should I find the 3S setup underpowered, I'll change it all over to 6S. I will be running Edge 353mm main blades from the get go, 325mm blades is so 2010.